UFC 207 Sleeper fight: TJ Dillashaw vs John Lineker

UFC 207 Sleeper fight: TJ Dillashaw vs John Lineker

UFC 207 has the MMA community buzzing. Whether it’s the news of Ronda Rousey’s return, the absence of marketing regarding Amanda Nunes, or the trash talk between Cody Garbrandt and Dominick Cruz… The UFC have  done an incredible job selling the top 3 fights on the card. One of those top 3 fights happened to be the revenge match between Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum. At the 11th hour, the fight got cancelled by the NSAC. Their never ending incompetence and personal agenda struck again. TJ Dillashaw vs John Lineker moves up on the card with #1 contender implications on the line. Or so we thought.

UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby took to UFC’s youtube channel and wasn’t quite sure what’s next for the winner of that fight. MMA fans have their own personal opinions about what should happen based on who is the victor. I’m sure they will let their opinions be heard as soon as the fight ends.

TJ Dillashaw

TJ Dillashaw, should he win, is deserving of the next title shot. Losing a split decision fight with Dominick Cruz, which many considered was Dillashaw’s victory, seems like an academic do-over. Nope. TJ Dillashaw wound up fighting Raphael Assuncao and won a unanimous decision in July. Dominick Cruz fought Urijah Faber for the final time in June. We find ourselves at the end of 2016 with Dominick Cruz and TJ Dillashaw fighting at UFC 207, but not against each other.

John Lineker

Then, there’s John Lineker. Lineker has managed to miss weight a record 5 times in the UFC. A UFC fighter missing weight once or twice can get them fired. 5 times is an epidemic. Despite his impressive performances, this is why Lineker has never gotten a title shot. His fighting style is reckless and that’s why fans love to watch him. However, nothing pisses fans off more than a fighter missing weight. If Lineker happens to beat TJ Dillashaw, I just can’t see him getting a shot. If he actually makes weight, a 1 fight win streak isn’t enough to warrant a shot at gold.

All title semantics aside, John Lineker vs TJ Dillashaw is a spectacular fight. Everyone knows that Lineker is looking for the home-run punch. The question is, can he keep up with the footwork of Dillashaw? Lineker likes to cut off the cage and walk his opponents down. That can be hard when your opponent is a ghost like Dillashaw. This fight could very well steal the show at UFC 207.