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The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 7 w/Stephen Quadros

The Fight Professor drops by and we have a great chat.

It’s time for the 6 Star Podcast Ep. 7. This week we spend some time chatting with “The Fight Professor” Stephen Quadros. He’s a musician, actor, stuntman, announcer, and much more. We talk the results from MayMac, old Pride FC stories with Stephen and Bas, and so much more. Mr. Quadros is unbelievably witty, educated and a great interview.

Shoman wasn’t around this week for part two, so Dan and Dion spend their time talking the PWI 500 top ten list. It’s good stuff, and Dan and Dion prove again that they are the true talent on the podcast and not Evan. Ok, maybe not. Either way, listen, enjoy and share!

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