What’s it like training at AKA Thailand? Check this out and see.

What’s it like training at AKA Thailand? Check this out and see.

Check out this new sizzle video of a day at AKA Thailand

AKA Thailand is a premier Muay Thai training facility located in the heart of paradise. Phuket, Thailand is an amazingly beautiful place and Mike Swick’s new media company Savage Life Media captures it amazingly. They are doing some amazing videos and this is just one example of what you can expect from the new media company. For those of you who wondered what it was like to train and AKA Thailand, you can view this video for a peek inside the world class gym.

They have state of the art facilities there. There’s also an on-site restaurant where you can refuel after a hard day on the bikes, in the class or on the mats. They recently installed an awesome outdoor basketball court as well. There is literally everything in one location. Dana White was featured in an ad for the school earlier this year. You can see that video here.

From AKA Thailand

Welcome to AKA Thailand, The Worlds Premier Luxury Training Resort! Here is a highlight of just one day of what goes on at this super gym in Phuket! More video clips and behind the scenes on our Instagram:

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