Abdul Razak Alhassan charged with two counts of sexual assault

Abdul Razak Alhassan charged with two counts of sexual assault

The UFC’s Razak Alhassan is in hot water over sexual assault charges

The charges against Razak Alhassan stem from an incident in Texas where Alhassan allegedly drove two women home from a Fort Worth bar and then raped them both, leaving behind a used condom that has been turned over to the police. Adul told police he drove them home but didn’t go further than his car, but if DNA results on the condom in the home match his, he could very well be convicted.

The Star-Telegram was the first media outlet to report the news. His arrest was back in April, which makes you wonder why he was still appearing on a UFC main card and whether or not they had the information. It seems they wouldn’t be booking a fighter with such serious charges pending.

Brandon Barnett, who is handling the case alongside Daniel Hagood for Alhassan didn’t have much to say. All he said in a statement was.

“Mr. Alhassan has retained counsel. He intends to plead not guilty and we’ll do all the talking we need to do in court.”

Abdul was working at the bar at the time of the incident. He met the two alleged victims aged 22 and 20 at the bar. Abdul allowed an underage patron into the bar in exchange for the phone number of her older friend. He is said to have driven them home as they were both intoxicated and upon arriving at their home, raped them both.

We will continue to keep you informed as information in the case becomes available.