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AKA is a special group of guys, watch them watch Daniel Cormier win

Daniel Cormier made history Saturday night, and his team was proud.

It is impossible to not like Daniel Cormier and be happy for him. I mean, the guy is a good person and when he beat Stipe Miocic he became a two-division simultaneous champion. His fans were all thrilled, but to see his team react is pretty awesome. Daniel Cormier posted a video via Twitter of his teammates watching backstage.

Evan Shoman pointed out that DC’s boxing coach risked life and limb shoving Brock Lesnar, so obviously, the team sticks together.

It was clear the team was super excited. It’s a feel-good story for everyone. Our boss Mike Swick is part of AKA and just hearing him talk about it, and how much he cares about his teammates is pretty amazing.