Amanda Cooper made some extra-extra coin to fight an overweight Dern

Amanda Cooper made some extra-extra coin to fight an overweight Dern

Mackenzie Dern came in a whopping seven pounds over the limit.

It’s not as if Mackenzie Dern is the first fighter to miss on the scales prior to a UFC fight. It happens way more than it ever should. However, Dern has missed weight as many times as she’s made weight and blew the limit by an astounding seven pounds last weekend. Usually, when a fighter misses weight, their opponent takes home a percentage of their show money. Well, this time because of the amount Dern missed by, Cooper made quite a bit of extra coin to go forward with the fight.

According to Mackenzie Dern, who spoke to Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Cooper got a little bonus.

“She got 30 percent of my purse, when it’s usually 20. But, because I was so much heavier, it goes up to 30-percent.  I think she was confident in the fight and we are giving her 30 percent and we are giving 15 percent extra, too, if I was to win. It was an extra 15 percent extra. So I would have accepted the fight, too. I know she wanted to fight and everything. But, I wasn’t surprise she accepted the fight. I was hoping she would and was grateful she accepted.”

“Thirty percent of my show money, which is the commission, the UFC, it’s what everybody has to do if they miss weight. And between us together, just between the fighters, we did a negotiation to have the fight happen … 15 percent if I would win (bonus) of my purse.”

So Mackenzie Dern made 29,000 to show and 29,000 to win. So in total Amanda Cooper took home an additional $13,050.00 of Mackenzie’s money for accepting the fight. That’s not chump change. So she made a bit of coin and I doubt the loss will hold her back in the UFC given the circumstances.