Why does it seem like Amanda Nunes isn’t getting the support of the UFC?

Amanda Nunes pulls out of her UFC 213 fight claiming she’s ill. UFC says their doctors cleared her.

We reported earlier that tonight’s UFC 213 main event was off. Amanda Nunes, who was famously underpromoted when she fought Ronda Rousey, is once again getting the bitter stick from the brass at the UFC. Seemingly, Nunes has been saying for a number of days, she’s not feeling well. She went to the hospital on both Friday and today. The UFC doctors said they find nothing wrong with her and have cleared her to compete. She is saying no. The odd aspect is why do we know that tidbit of information?

The first to report the news was MMA insider #Dizz who stated the fight was off, at which point Lance Pugmire confirmed the news with Dana White. Lance Pugmire of the LA Times was told by Dana White.

Dana talks to ESPN

Dana White was interviewed by ESPN and had this to say about Nunes not fighting.

“Well yesterday she (Nunes) started to not feel good. So we took her to the hospital. Doctor Davidson, you know who is our doctor here in Las Vegas and is fantastic and handles all of the fighters. He did a full evaluation of her and she was medically cleared to fight. So, she did the weigh ins yesterday. She made weight. Nunes then weighed in again the ceremonial weigh ins yesterday where she squared off with Shevchenko. She went home last night, and then this morning she called and said she didn’t feel good. So they brought her back in and started running tests on her. She said she didn’t want to fight. Nunes (She) said she didn’t feel good and didn’t want to fight. She was medically cleared to fight. She was checked and everything was fine. But she said she didn’t feel right.”

The NSAC’s Bob Bennett noted that Nunes’ issue was “beyond weakness from her weight cut”, but the issue should not prevent her fighting again soon. So they seem to grasp that there is, in fact, an issue. This again, according to Lance Pugmire who is on the scene.

Dana White has not always been the best friend to his roster. He recently was unhappy and quite verbal with his displeasure with Demetrious Johnson. Now, he’s saying Nunes is ok to fight, but simply won’t. It’s not a look, and it’s in no way protecting your roster. These are champions, like it or not, and when you attempt to make them look weak, you made your product look weak.  It’s a concept the Dana White either doesn’t understand or simply doesn’t care about.

TMZ Gets the Story

TMZ has the story now, saying the UFC is “baffled” by her decision to not fight.  Here is how TMZ chose to word things.

“Amanda Nunes has mysteriously pulled out of her title match with Valentina Shevchenko … and we say mysterious because that’s the way UFC views it.

TMZ Sports has learned Nunes complained this week about not feeling well and went to the hospital both Friday and Saturday. Our sources say doctors repeatedly checked her out but found nothing wrong. Nonetheless, Nunes said she was not well enough to fight Saturday night and has pulled out.”

There is nothing in that to indicate that the UFC sees her as being sick or unable to fight. In essence, they are implying that she’s simply opting to not fight. She’s gone through a lengthy fight camp, has defeated this opponent in the past, was on the verge of a nice paycheck and is just opting to not compete? Not likely.

Whatever the situation surrounding Nunes is, the UFC should always give their fighters the benefit of the doubt in these situations. She’s not making trips to the hospital because she likes the jello. Obviously, something is wrong. Let’s find out what it is before you imply that it’s her heart in question and not her health.