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America First fighter with bricks on trunks beaten by Mexican opponent

So, you might want to rethink taking your political agenda into the ring next time.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get involved in politics. For American boxer, Rod Salka, wearing trunks that read America First (1st)  with a brick wall on them against Mexican opponent Francisco Vargas was just dumb.  He may have thought he was making a statement to support the wall being built. In the end, Francisco Vargas took the wall down.

For six rounds Vargas pounded away on Salka, battering the American about the body, head, and chest. After the sixth round, Rod Salka quit on the stool and Vargas was awarded the TKO victory.

The fight is available in its entirety on youtube, via the Golden Boy channel. We’ve started it close to the end to spare you the first five and a half rounds of Salka not actually being great again.