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This is just … ummm…Anderson Silva twerks in a bra and high heels

Anderson Silva “performs” as a tribute to Pabllo Vittar, a Brazilian drag queen.

File this under the “I had to see it, so, so do you” category. Sometimes you’re online checking out Instagram stories and you run across something you can’t unsee. This is one of those times. Anderson Silva figured it was a good idea to don tights, a g-string, bra and high heels and do some twerking. I mean, who are we to tell Anderson how to live?

He has a little time on his hands, and he looks to have taken some dance lessons. The funniest part of this video is his high heels that are at least four sizes too small. I give him credit for not falling down multiple times during his elaborate routine.

The result is both hilarious and frightening. One thing is for certain, The Spider can shake it. Apparently, he was doing this to pay tribute to a famed Brazilian performer and Drag Queen. Without further adieu, we bring to you Anderson Silva, whose milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.