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After RDA/Lawler announcement, RDA tweets and misses the mark badly.

Damn RDA, you missed your target and you missed it badly. That is, if it’s even Rafael Dos Anjos tweeting in the first place. A tweet came from RDA’s Twitter account posing a question to his fans about his upcoming fight with Robbie Lawler. The immediate backlash wasn’t pretty and downright comical.

In a nutshell, the responses from fans was a resounding, “YES, you are the only one who wants that.” With Tyron Woodley already defending his belt twice this year, there’s really no reason to create an interim belt. Woodley has done his part and is an active defending champion. Despite how people may feel about Woodley, everyone can agree that creating an interim title is just silly. Everyone, except RDA.

One would think that he has more sense than to ask that question over social media and expect a positive response. After everyone got on board the ‘Hell no there shouldn’t be an interim title’ bandwagon, RDA posted once again and fell even further down the rabbit hole.