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Announcer, Jimmy Smith, already finds a new home in UFC

Jimmy Smith has already found his new home and it’s in the UFC. This is a huge pickup for the UFC, as Smith is and has been, one of the best announcers in the business.

The UFC and MMA journalists just broke the news, but it was Smith’s tweet that makes it a reality.

Smith will be a welcome addition to an announce team of solid analysts and it has fans hyped. While MMA fans are praising him online right now, they seem to have his position mixed up. People saying they look forward to him alongside Joe Rogan are misinformed. Both Joe and Jimmy are color commentators, so the likelihood of them working together is slim.

If two color commentators work side by side, it’s usually a personality like Joe Rogan with a current UFC fighter, as well as a ‘play-by-play’ person. PBP announcers are people like Jon Anik and Mike Goldberg. So, look to see Jimmy sharing the booth with Anik or Todd Grisham.

Smith is one of the best in the game and the UFC are lucky to have him.