Anthony Johnson: “Biggest Fear: Snakes, Ghosts, My Grandmother”

Anthony Johnson: “Biggest Fear: Snakes, Ghosts, My Grandmother”

I love Anthony Johnson. That guy is one of the best best people in MMA I’ve ever come across. What I like the most about him is his ability to laugh at himself. When I opened up my Twitter this morning and saw what AJ posted on his timeline, he had me dying. He posted his answers to a ’30 things about me’ questionnaire. His second addressed ‘thing’ about himself, was his biggest fear.

Biggest Fear: Snakes, Ghosts, My Grandmother

Snakes: Yep, me too. Ghosts: Patrick Swayze I can deal with. The creepy crawling woman from the “Grudge”, hell no. His Grandmother: She sounds terrifying.

I remember once on my show Crimson Canvas Radio we had King Mo on. I asked him who he’d rather fight: Fedor, an intruder with a pistol, or his grandmother. His reply was something to the tune of:

“Anyone but my grandma. She scares the hell out of me. I can deal with Fedor. I can deal with a guy with a gun. But, my grandmother?!? She’s pound for pound the greatest of all time, world champion, at handing out ass whoopings.”

Gerald Harris just taught me what a ‘switch‘ was, last week on the show. I’m seeing a pattern here with grandma that I want no part of. I thought grandparents were there to give you a savings bond at your Bar Mitzvah, which matures in 20 years and equals $3.

Johnson left the questions in his comments, for all to partake. Head over to his Facebook and join in on the madness. Let’s see how many more people have ‘grandmother’ as one of their biggest fears.

Anthony Johnson’s 30 things about me.

Age: 32
Biggest Fear: snakes, Ghosts, My Grandmother
Current Time: 10:17 am
Drink you had last: coffee
Everyday starts with: letting my dogs out
Favorite song: any Lil Wayne song
Ghosts are they real?: YES
Hometown: Rentz, GA
Love someone?: everybody close to me but not too many…
Killed someone: No but thought about it
Last time I cried: today
Number of siblings: 5 sisters 4 brothers (9)
One wish: bring back my granddaddy
Person you last called: Julie
Question you are always asked: How does it feel to knock someone out or how did you ever make 170 lbs or do you ever get scared before a fight (NO)
Reason to smile: LIFE and my dogs
Song last sang: Gucci Mane ft. Travis Scott (Last Time)
Time you woke up: 5:32 am
T-shirt color: dark red
Umbrella color: black
Favorite Color: Red
Cable or Netflix: Netflix
Vacation destination: Maldives
Worst habit: not giving a f%^&
X-rays: Yes
Your favorite food: scallops
Zodiac sign: Pisces

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