Anticipating a heavyweight explosion in New Zealand Saturday.

Anticipating a heavyweight explosion in New Zealand Saturday.

It could very well be a race to see who lands their right hand first.

Sometimes you see a fight and you just know it’s going to end with someone getting knocked out. Such is the case in the feature bout this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 110 when Derrick Lewis faces Mark Hunt. Derrick is traveling to Aukland, New Zealand for this fight, the place of birth for his opponent. Hunt is a New Zealander and will have a raucous home crowd cheering him on.

On paper, when you look at these two, you expect fireworks. Derrick Lewis (18-4) has won five fights in a row, four of those by KO or TKO.  He plows along in his fights until he finally gets the opportunity to unleash his hands. Once he lands, his opponents tend to fall to the earth in a heap. It’s kind of his thing.  That said, Mark Hunt has always been known as the guy who doesn’t crack. He was thought to be invincible. That’s no longer the case.

Mark Hunt (12-11) has lost 3 of his last 5 fights and in all three of those losses, he was stopped. Fabricio Werdum stopped him via TKO and then he was finished by Stipe Miocic.  Mark rebounded after that to KO Bigfoot Silva and Roy Nelson, but in his last bout, he was finished with one shot by Alistair Overeem.  It’s that KO that has me thinking he might be in some trouble Saturday.

Is Mark Hunt’s chin gone?

The common thought has been that once you get stopped a couple of times, it becomes easier to get stopped. Your chin wears down, you become more easily finished.  We saw it with Chuck Liddell.  By the end of his career, he was dropped and finished by an awkward shot from Rich Franklin that looked very pedestrian.  He had just simply taken too much damage in previous fights. Is the word out on Hunt’s chin? Time will tell.

Whatever your thoughts on Mark Hunt’s durability are, he still possesses stupid power in his hands, and he can undoubtedly knock anyone out with a clean shot. That makes him very dangerous.

Final Verdict.

This fight should definitely deliver the drama. I’m fully expecting a knockout, likely in the third round. Whoever lands their biggest shot earliest wins. I like Mark Hunt and have always cheered for him, but this is a bad matchup for him. I am going to go out on a limb here and predict Hunt gets finished yet again. Derrick Lewis by KO in the third round. It’s going to be a heck of a lot of fun to watch.