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Antonio Carlos Jr. backs out of fight for the 2nd time with Elias Theodorou

“Shoeface” backed out of a scheduled fight at Fight Night 137 and again at UFC 231

Injuries happen in MMA. It’s simply the nature of the beast. You train hard, you spar hard, you get banged up. Occasionally you have to postpone a fight a month or so to recover. Then, there’s the more rare occurrence when you cancel, postpone, and cancel again. That’s what happened when Antonio Carlos Jr. backed out of his fight for a second time with Elias Theodorou. He took to Twitter to break the news.

Elias Theodorou is expectedly not thrilled with the situation and wants very much to fight in his hometown of Toronto. He posted this witty response to the news. That Elias Theodorou is a smart cookie. Oscar Wilde like word-play.