Dana White: Cris Cyborg turned down 2 title fights at 145 pounds.

UFC's statement on Cris Cyborg's potential violation and her camp's response

Three months ago, Cris Cyborg released a documentary video, leading up to her UFC debut fight with Leslie Smith. The video focused on what it takes for her to make 140 pounds. It was a horror show, where she literally almost died trying to make the weight. MMA fans saw the documentary and rallied for … Read moreDana White: Cris Cyborg turned down 2 title fights at 145 pounds.

Demetrious Johnson makes $350k disclosed payout at TUF 24 Finale

Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson came one step closer to making history at the Tuf 24 Finale this weekend, when he defended his flyweight title for the ninth straight time. 1 more time and he will tie Anderson Silva for most title defenses. While most people find this impressive, many are infatuated with finding out how … Read moreDemetrious Johnson makes $350k disclosed payout at TUF 24 Finale

Rampage passes the ‘King of Slam’ torch to Gerald Harris

Quinton Rampage Jackson has long been known as ‘The King’ when it comes to the huge body slams in MMA. That title came to fruition during his fight with Ricardo Arona. Instead of trying to technique his way out of an armbar, like any normal human being would, Rampage decided to lift Arona up and … Read moreRampage passes the ‘King of Slam’ torch to Gerald Harris

Forget Floyd Mayweather. Sugar Shane Mosely says he’d knock Conor McGregor out!

Last week Conor McGregor attained a boxing license in the state of California and set the internet ablaze with speculation. This move is being questioned by fans and media of what it’s true intentions mean. Is it a power move against the UFC? Is it just part of the circus that has become the ‘Conor McGregor Show’? Or, is it a legitimate feasible scenario, where Conor leaves MMA behind, for a career in boxing?

When the news broke about McGregor getting a boxing license in California, immediately all eyes and microphones went straight to boxing great, Floyd Mayweather. Of course, other boxers were chomping at the bit, trying to get a piece of what could be an enormous payday for whoever gets that potential super fight.

One such boxer is Sugar Shane Mosely. TMZ Sports posted a video catching up with Mosely and asking the legend about his thoughts on how a fight with McGregor would go. Mosely showed humility by stating that he has no business against McGregor in an MMA rules fight. He even brought up James Toney’s failed MMA experiment against Randy Couture, as an example of why.

However, when it comes to a straight boxing match, Sugar Shane believes he would knock the Notorious one, out! He said McGregor has ‘Balls of Steel” by possibly attempting to cross over to another sport. Mosely seems to have a firm grasp on what most people don’t… That is, MMA and boxing are not one and the same.

Translation: Stay in your own lane, we drive too fast over here.