Relive the KO of the decade. Barboza on Etim KO is a heads-up for noobs


The UFC has it listed as the ‘KO of the week’ on their YouTube channel, but I’m here to let you know that it’s so much more than that. For the fans who have been around forever and not just when Conor McGregor showed up, the knockout that Edson Barboza landed on Terry Etim could be classified as the ‘KO of the decade’.

This knockout was what really put Edson Barboza on the map. While he won his first UFC fight via TKO by way of leg kicks, we hadn’t really seen what Barboza was capable of. That fight was buried in the unaired portion of the fight card (yes, we used to have to check MMA sites for results because they weren’t aired) and his next two fights were decision wins.

Then came the Etim fight… Fans were blown away because no one had ever seen a kick straight out of the movies, come to real life. Barboza threw the now famous spinning back kick and Etim was out on his feet. He fell like a tree alone in the woods and the spinning-back-kick-walk-off-knockout was born.

Edson Barboza fights in the co-main event against Dan Hooker this weekend at UFC Fight Night, Milwaukee.

Literally, Mike Swick is better than all of us. You, me… Everyone.


As I sit here writing this in the deepest and darkest hole of the offices, Mike Swick is out there literally being better than everyone. Currently, Swick is SOMEWHERE really really colorful. His Instagram looks like an ad for Luke Rockhold’s Polo Blue, as every picture and video he’s surrounded by beautiful ocean water. … Read moreLiterally, Mike Swick is better than all of us. You, me… Everyone.

Rener Gracie provides updated Brian Ortega condition and his future


Brian Ortega gave fans his condition status yesterday but was very vague in his delivery. His nose and thumb were broken but he let everyone know that he was thankful for the support. Rener Gracie talked to TMZ and gave us an updated version of how Ortega is doing, as well as his mindset after the fight.

Long story short, Rener knows that Ortega is a beast and his best days are ahead of him. He goes on to talk about Ortega’s first BJJ loss and how after, it motivated him to be a straight-up killer.

Rener knows that losing this first MMA fight will do nothing but light a fire under Ortega that no one has ever seen before.

Gracie’s mantra is ‘You win or you learn’.

I have a feeling that Mr. Ortega is about to do some serious learning and will be a savage upon his return. He does not strike me as a guy who handles losing particularly well.

Ronda Rousey arrived on Monday night RAW to fight, not talk.


Last night on Monday Night RAW, Ronda Rousey arrived in a foul mood. Full disclosure, she’s always in a foul mood when she’s on WWE tv. That’s her role on television though. Her character is the baddest woman on the planet and the baddest woman on the planet isn’t there to shake babies and kiss hands.

Her current foe, Nia Jax, got on the mic to berate Ronda in an attempt to sell PPV’s. Essentially, everything in the WWE is done to sell an upcoming PPV to generate heat between wrestlers and interest from the fans.

Nia was calling out Ronda and Ronda obliged. She came down with her mean ‘Ronda Face’ and Nia headed for the hills. It was just another day on WWE Monday Night RAW. Oddly, that is why some of us watch.

First trans male boxer made historic debut this weekend and won


History was quietly made this weekend when the first trans male boxer fought and won. It was the first female to male trans fighter and he fought in the men’s super-featherweight division. I assume the lengths he had to go to become a man were long and tedious. I’d imagine that getting licensed to fight … Read moreFirst trans male boxer made historic debut this weekend and won

Brian Ortega speaks on his UFC 231 performance and doctor stoppage


I think it’s safe to say that the doctor waving off the Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega fight was a good decision. Lord knows that referee, Yves Lavigne, would never have stopped it. Thankfully, Holloway’s thrashing of Ortega was called off due to injuries that Ortega had sustained in their fight. Holloway shattered Ortega’s face, … Read moreBrian Ortega speaks on his UFC 231 performance and doctor stoppage

Wilder’s passion is acting. Would love to be Clubber Lang’s son in Creed 3


Damn, Deontay Wilder is straight loveable! TMZ caught him on the street and brought up a great idea for him… Would he play Clubber Lang’s son in Creed 3? Wilder came with a very emphatic ‘yes’ and revealed that he has a real passion for acting. Without holding back here, I think he would be excellent in the role.

Wilder has an enthusiasm that can’t be taught. It’s an enthusiasm that is similar to Mr. T’s role as Clubber Lang in Rocky 3. While Wilder has a confidence and aura that engages everyone around him, Mr. T’s role was that of a cold-blooded wrecking machine.

I think that Wilder would have no problem channelling that kind of energy into a role, especially if it’s in a Creed movie. gives the green light, Mr. Stallone. Put Wilder in!

OG Tank Abbott dishes on Tito vs Chuck. Shocker, wasn’t impressed at all


Surprise surprise! David Tank Abbott is not impressed with Tito Ortiz’ knockout victory over Chuck Liddell. Tito could cure cancer and Abbott would say that it was pathetic how he did it. Those two just hate each other and that’s the way it is. Therefore, it will be endless insults until they are old(er) and gray(er).

Tank is recovering from near-death and he looks to be injecting himself into the media again. He’s in rough shape so don’t expect any sort of comeback. He is, however, getting his mug in front of cameras and telling it like he thinks it is.

Abbott isn’t shy about what he says and he means all of it. Long story short; Abbott was not impressed by Tito Ortiz’ performance.

Michael Chandler recreates creepy Purge scene for Brent Primus


Michael Chandler is creating his own hype videos now. He reclipped a refilmed himself in the now famous creepy scene from the movie ‘The Purge’. His message was aimed directly at his former opponent and current Bellator champion (by default), Brent Primus.

Primus has left a very sour taste in people’s moths after he ‘won’ the Bellator lightweight championship from Chandler. Michael Chandler got injured during their fight a year and a half ago and Primus celebrated as if he had just knocked out Fedor.

Since then, Primus hasn’t defended the title once, while Chandler has fought twice in 2018.

Usually, these kind of videos seem a bit disrespectful. However, I’d be lying if I said that Primus doesn’t deserve to be gone after like this.

Dhiego Lima wonders, “Are you not entertained?” with UFC 231 KO


It was a beautiful walk-off knockout tonight at UFC 231 for Dhiego Lima over Chad Laprise. Like Maximus in Gladiator, he held his arms wide and wonders, “Are you not entertained?”. Well, sir, we certainly were.

Lima was on a rough losing skid in his first stint with the UFC. He went 1-3 and subsequently was let go by the promotion. Thanks to a ‘Comeback’ Ultimate Fighter season, Lima fought his way back to the UFC… but he lost in the finale and then a fight to Yushin Okami. Things looked bleak for Lima until tonight at UFC 231.

Lima was placed on the UFC Fight Pass Prelims which is basically a make or break platform. A loss tonight on those prelims and Lima would be on his way out. However, Lima wasn’t ready for his walking papers and he dispatched of Chad Laprise in the very first round with a crushing knockout.

Check this one out…

Another “If he dies, he dies” moment from a ref’s incompetence.


After all of the craziness we see in MMA all the time, the only constant seems to be referee incompetence. Sans Jason Herzog, Herb Dean, John McCarthy, Leon Roberts, etc… There are more bad refs creating forgettable moments that need to be addressed and see their ref licenses revoked.

There is always the case where a fight is stopped too early and that is just human error. Early stoppages are much more forgivable than late ones. Ultimately, late stoppages can lead to a fighter taking unnecessary damage and getting seriously injured.

Such was the case at LFA last night with referee Joe Fipp. Not only did he let the fight go on too long, but he also called the fight and then told the fighters to continue on. Reckless.

His non-stoppage of Austin Hubbard smashing Killys Mota was just an embarrassment. The crowd was booing and the announcers were yelling at him. Basically, he was being told that he was blowing it but he trusted his own judgement.

For the record, Joe, Fipp, your judgement was very poor.

Natasha Kingsbury retires from walking around cages holding cardboard


It appears that Nasha Wicks/Kingsbury is hanging up her skimpy outfit and laying to rest the possibility of walking around a cage while holding cardboard with a number on it. I can’t really remember a ring girl retiring before. Usually there is some scandal and they fade into obscurity. Not Kingsbury. She took to her … Read moreNatasha Kingsbury retires from walking around cages holding cardboard

Mini Blessed done stole the show from his pop AGAIN


Isn’t it just like a kid to steal the damn show? Max Holloway is the champ and the hardest worker in the room, but Mini Blessed keeps showing up and showing out. Once again, Holloway’s son took to the stage and showed off his dance moves while his pop could only look on and smile.

While the younger of the Holloway boys is certainly no stranger to entertaining, this time he’s doing it on the UFC stage when the spotlight is on dad.

Tomorrow night, Mini Blessed will have to put his sick moves on hold while dad tries to defend his title against Brian Ortega. It remains to be seen whether or not it’s a happy or sad dance.

For now, enjoy the gyration.

Tenshin Nasukawa open-media workout at Mayweather gym in Las Vegas


Tenshin Nasukawa was in Vegas and held an open-media workout at Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas. He put his skills on display for the world to see before he squares off in an exhibition boxing match at the RIZIN New Year’s Eve show. Once again, there will be no kicks, which is Nasukawa’s specialty.

Nasukawa was only there to put his hands on display and while he looked sharp, beating the best boxer of all time will be a tall order. However, Nasukawa feels that he has the goods to hang with or beat Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Sr was in attendance to see where Nasukawa was at with his skills. Odds are that he will think there is nothing impressive to see and will relay the message to Junior that he’s got easy work on New Year’s.

UFC 231 early weigh-in results. Championship doubleheader is set.


The ceremonial faceoffs for UFC 231 will take place today at 5 PM ET/ 2 PM /PT. However, the early weigh-ins took place this morning and everyone made weight without incident. UFC 231 will feature a championship doubleheader where we’ll see Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega for the featherweight title and Valentina Shevchenko vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk for the women’s vacant flyweight title.

You can view the ceremonial weigh-ins right here on

Early weigh-in results:


Max Holloway (144.5) vs. Brian Ortega (144.75) Featherweight Title
Valentina Shevchenko (123.5) vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk (123.75) Women’s Flyweight Title
Gunnar Nelson (170.25) vs. Alex Oliveira (171)
Kyle Bochniak (145) vs. Hakeem Dawodu (145.75)
Jimi Manuwa (204.75) vs. Thiago Santos (205.75)

FS1 Prelims

Nina Ansaroff (115.25) vs. Claudia Gadelha (115.5)
Olivier Aubin-Mercier (155.75) vs. Gilbert Burns (155.75)
Katlyn Chookagian (125.75) vs. Jessica Eye (126)
Eryk Anders (186) vs. Elias Theodorou (184.5)

UFC Fight Pass Prelims

Brad Katona (135.5) vs. Matthew Lopez (135.5)
Chad Laprise (171) vs. Dhiego Lima (170.25)
Diego Ferreira (155.75) vs. Kyle Nelson (155.5)
Devin Clark (205) vs. Aleksandar Rakic (206)