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Beautiful would-be roundhouse, turned intercepting knee, knockout.

This is some great timing by a fighter, intercepting an attempted takedown. At ACB 69 this past weekend, Tajikistan’s, Emomali Holboyi, took on Karshyga Dautbek of Kazakhstan. Right away, Dautbek was keen to Holboyi’s ‘Take it to the canvas ASAP’, gameplan.

The knockout, as best described by ACB commentator, Frank Mir.

“He doesn’t throw anything in front of the takedown and just goes right into the dive. It looks like it was probably going to be a roundhouse because of the angles of the hips that Dautbek was doing. But he was able to adjust on the fly to make sure that the knee landed.”

Dautbek executed the knee at the perfect time and put Holboyi out.