Bec Rawlings details her rough upbringing in inspiring Instagram post

Bec Rawlings details her rough upbringing in inspiring Instagram post

If there is one thing you can say about Bec Rawlings, it is that she is real. Bec has never changed her persona or bent for those who wanted to change her. What you see is what you get and it’s always been that way. If you don’t like it, Bec is more than happy to show her two-finger salute to you.

Bec posted a picture of her old school on her Instagram and detailed how she and school were like water and oil.

  • I spent my entire year 7 of this school sitting in the hallway because my teacher didn’t like my smart mouth.
  • Year 8 they moved me to the detention room.
  • Year 9 they moved me to a desk in front of the vice principles office.
  • Year 10 I wasn’t allowed back.

“I wasn’t a dumb kid, I just couldn’t handle being stuck between four walls and told how to learn. Not once was I asked why I did the things I did. Instead, I was told day in and day out that I’d never amount to anything with that attitude and fiery temper. I was a nightmare of self-destruction up until I found this sport.

I’ve been fighting my whole life to be outside of these walls that society tries so hard to keep us in. It just so happens, this little hood rat from the streets of Launy did amount to something, only after being absolutely nothing.”

People want to hate on her and critique her fighting skills, but fighting is what saved her life. Fighting doesn’t solve anything? Rawlings would beg to differ.