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Wait a minute! I’m beginning to think Floyd and Conor are besties!

After watching this ESPN commercial, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor may be besties. Could these two possibly have been in collusion with each other this whole time? There’s no way they duped the entire planet though, right? Yeah… They did. Check out this funny little clip that ESPN did for the ESPYS, to ensure there is no funny business.

We have a backstage look at what the #ESPYS did this year to avoid any major envelope snafus.

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Of course these two have been in communication with one another. This has been going on for over a year. Do you remember how this whole circus began? The two guys were claiming they were going to beat each other up if they saw them in person. Now they are sharing the stage and filming commercials together with no hostility whatsoever. Damnit, we’ve been had! I’m thinking these two send each other texts every night, saying what they are going to do the next day.

Let’s keep it in perspective, guys. This is the WWE but on a grander scale and with no predetermined outcomes. *Mike Goldberg voice* Everything else, is virtually identical.