Bellator 169: King Mo Lawal vs Satoshi Ishii Results & Play by Play

Bellator 169: King Mo Lawal vs Satoshi Ishii Results & Play by Play

Bellator 169 results from Dublin, Ireland.

Heavyweight: King Mo Lawal vs Satoshi Ishii

King Mo comes out and uses his boxing very well from the outside. Mo gets Ishii to the ground and as Ishii stands up, Mo unloads heavy left hooks. Another takedown for Mo, but Ishii again gets up. Ishii has nothing for Mo on the feet or defending the takedown. King Mo puts his hands on his hips and behind his back, trying to goad Ishii into throwing a punch. He doesn’t.

Lawal is stalking Ishii, who is still being very non-committal with his offense. Mo gets an easy double leg with a couple minutes left in round 2. Ishii gets up and Mo puts him right back on the mat. The round finishes with Mo on top of Ishii and he’s clearly getting frustrated that Ishii won’t do anything.

Ishii just won’t engage Mo and he’s 25 pounds heavier. Mo is 6 for 6 on his takedowns in the fight. The 3rd round saw Mo hit 2 takedowns, but for the most part it was very lackluster. King Mo clearly won the fight 30-27 x3, but he looks distraught due to Ishii’s lack of engagement.

Featherweight: James Gallagher vs Anthony Taylor

Ireland’s James Gallagher and American Anthony Taylor have been verbally sparring all week. Fighter announcements aren’t even over and Gallagher signals to Taylor that he will get submitted in the first round. Taylor blitzes right away and tags Gallagher with wild punches. The audience singing is deafening and is possibly 97% dudes.  Taylor is hyped and screaming at Gallagher. Both guys look like they need a breather when the round ends.

Gallagher lands some nice leg kicks, while Taylor continues to wing punches. They mostly just pot shot each other in round 2. Not sure who won that round.

10 seconds into the third round, Taylor makes a miscue and Gallagher is able to take his back. Gallagher throws peppering punches form Taylor’s back. Taylor carries Gallagher across the cage to his corner, while mugging for the camera. Anthony Taylor gets rear naked choked, 10 seconds later. James Gallagher wins by rnc at 1:52 of round 3.

Bantamweight: Elina Kallionidou vs Sinead Kavanagh

18 year old Elina Kallionidou is set to take on the highly touted Sinead Kavanagh from Northern Ireland. Both ladies are undefeated. Kavanagh gets Kallionidou against the cage and throws 20 punches at her, but nothing lands flush. Kavanagh continues to walk Kallionidou down and whenever her back is against the cage, Kavanagh unloads on her. They spend the last minute of round 1 clinched against the cage where Kavanagh bullies Kallionidou.

We see more of the same in round 2. Kavanagh continues to bully Kallionidou on the cage. I don’t know what Kallionidou’s gameplan is, as she is mounting no offense and basically just surviving. If you like clinch work against the cage with a couple of hard shots every few minutes, this is the fight for you.

I guess Kavanagh was tired of beating Kallionidou up on the feet and decided to beat her up on the ground  instead. The boxing champion gets a takedown to work her ground and pound and continues her dominance. 30-27, 30-26, 30-25 for Sinead Kavanagh.

Featherweight- Daniel Weichel vs Brian Moore

Brian Moore is making his Bellator debut against title contender Daniel Weichel. Dublin fans go crazy for the debuting Ireland fighter, Moore. No one showed any real advantage on the feet during the first 2 minutes. The German born Weichel, takes Moore’s back in a scramble. Moore fights off the attempted choke, but Weichel gets full mount. Weichel manages to get an arm triangle from the mount, at 4:44 of the first round. Jimmy Smith interviews Weichel, who of course calls out the Bellator 145 pound champion Daniel Strauss.