Sergio Moraes submits Ben Saunders and then they work subs backstage

Sergio Moraes submits Ben Saunders and then they work subs backstage

How do you not love MMA? Ben Saunders and Sergio Moraes backstage after their fight.

During Fight Night 137 Ben Saunders got caught in a submission by Sergio Moraes and was forced to tap. The two fighters are submission specialists and there were no hard feelings. In fact, immediately after the fight, both men were backstage rolling and working on submissions. It’s what makes martial arts the amazing sport it is.

Ben Saunders took to Instagram to post a video of he and Sergio post-fight working on subs backstage. It was just minutes after their fight in the Octagon. You have to respect that. Check out the video below.


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As a real martial artist and a student of the game, I respect every opponent before and after the fight no matter the outcome. I had a ton of respect for @serginhoalliance going into this fight and was honored to battle him in his home of Brazil. After the fight we got to talk and exchange some techniques. This is what this sport is all about in my opinion. The best martial artists from around the world testing themselves against eachother. Styles VS Style. It is a beautiful thing. It truly feels like I am living out a script from a movie or a video game. Loving everything about my lifelong journey as a true #Samurai 👊😊 @ufc #UFC #Repost @yyzlasmia ・・・ This is a beautiful example of why I love this sport! This video was shot backstage moments ago immediately following the UFC Sao Paulo fight between Sergio Moraes and Ben Saunders. Jiu Jitsu World Champion Sergio represents my friends at Evolucao Thai who are a family in every sense of the word. Ben represents Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do, Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I haven’t met Sergio yet but I really like Ben having met him years ago while covering a Bellator MMA fight of his. Despite fighting each other inside the Octagon and in front of the whole world moments ago Sergio and Ben are seen here going over various positions that occurred in their fight with an emphasis on teaching and learning from each other. Before MMA was mainstream I would frequently mention moments like this when explaining to non MMA fans why I love this sport so much and even though it’s a “fight”, I believe it’s the purest form of competition there is. I think of it as human chess. Respect, Discipline and Honor are huge parts of Martial Arts and MMA (mixed martial arts) and that’s exactly what you see here❣️🙌🏼👏🏻Congratulations / Parabens guys @serginhoalliance @bensaundersmma ! Oss!! #respect #oss #mma #ufc #humanchess #honor #gjj #bjj #jeetkundo #brucelee #heliogracie #carlosgracie #ufcsaopaulo #bellatormma #Repost @andredida with @get_repost ・・・ Olha que bacana atitude do oponente Serginho veio perguntar como ele matou o jogo dele 🧠 @serginhoalliance sabe muito!!!

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