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If you are the best fighter in the world, you’re doing a ‘shoey’, baby!

In the words of UFC on FOX’s Karyn Bryant, “Shoey, baby!”. When you are the consensus pound for pound best fighter in the world, you’re doing a shoey. The bizarre stunt rose to prominence as Tai Tuivasa climbed the heavyweight division. Each time he won a fight he did a shoey. That is, he drank beer out of someone else’s shoe.

If it sounds disgusting, well, that’s because it is. So, when Tuivasa fought this past Saturday night, the UFC on FOX crew felt that it was only appropriate that the double champ, Daniel Cormier, do a shoey.

There is no word as to whose shoe DC drank out of. All we know is that it was a running shoe that looked like it had been scrubbed and disinfected. Being that Modelo is the official beer of the UFC, it was the obvious choice to do the shoe act on television.

Just like Stone Cold Steve Austin, DC may have ingested about a tablespoon of beer, while the rest went everywhere else.