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Bisping to GSP. “Train hard. Take steroids. Don’t get caught though!”

The smack talking coming from Michael Bisping can only mean he has a fight coming up soon. I’ll admit, telling Georges St Pierre to do steroids, but not get caught is a new one. While leaving what looked like the FOX studios, Michael Bisping had some playful banter that he felt needed to be hurled at GSP.

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Georges can bee seen laughing as the elevator door closes, but then again, he’s always smiling. Usually Bisping taunts his opponents to help sell their fight. However, when it comes to nice guy GSP, I think Bisping knows he’s fighting an uphill battle trying to get Georges to break. Both fighters have been very vocal about trying to clean the sport up from performance enhancing drugs.

Expect Bisping to keep taking shots at GSP and Georges continuing to blow them off whilst smiling.