UFC 220 Poster by the amazing BossLogic drops

UFC 220 Poster by the amazing BossLogic drops

I can’t believe how amazing this UFC 220 Poster is, by BossLogic.

What BossLogic does is really super impressive. Evan Shoman, our fearless editor, and lead writer is an amazing artist as well. But while Evan draws with his pencil, BossLogic creates awe-inspiring graphics and images using his computer. Both are rare talents.

Man, this one is straight fire. Many of you know about BossLogic. He’s a graphic artist who puts together, among other things, amazing fight posters. His newest creation is simply bananas. He has work that covers comics, sci-fi, sports and more.  In my opinion, there is simply no comparison between his UFC 220 poster and the official UFC version. Here’s a side by side look at both. BossLogic’s is on the left.


I mean, it’s pretty easy to determine which is the superior product. The UFC should snap this guy up ASAP and put him on the payroll. The work done by BossLogic is simply next-level amazing. He’s done other amazing posters as well, including a favorite of mine for UFC 205. That can be seen here.

The person behind BossLogic is a gentleman named Kode from Austrailia. His work covers a myriad of topics and if you’re into graphic artwork, I’d definitely recommend checking him out.

Get to know BossLogic and check out their amazing work.