Boxing and MMA Fun-time. Creating the Boxing and MMA dream card

Boxing and MMA Fun-time. Creating the Boxing and MMA dream card

You know, everyone is getting into this, so why not just play along and have some fun.

Boxing and MMA go together like, well, they don’t really go together.  To be honest, if Conor McGregor stepped into a boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather, he’d stand about as much chance as I would in a game of 1 on 1 with Lebron James.  Some quick frame of reference, I’m 5-7 and my jump shot has been hit or miss since 94. With that in mind, I give to you, the MMA/Boxing Dream Card.

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather

The Fight Details: 12 Rounds -Main Event

The Facts: Ok, you can’t start this without bringing these two in. They want to fight, they don’t want to fight, they are fighting, they are not fighting, it’s a saga that seemingly shows no signs of letting up.  Let’s get em in the ring and see what’s what.

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather boxes him silly for six rounds until a swollen, bleeding McGregor quits in his corner.  Of course, he’ll say the doctor stopped it.  See Tiki vs. Robbie Lawler for reference.

Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr.

The Fight:  8 Rounds – Co-Main Event

The Facts: This has been bantered about for years.  Now, at a combined age of 89 years young, this might not be as attractive as it once was, but what the hell, I’ll still watch. So will you. Anderson Silva and Roy would be fun, and we’ll make it an eight rounder.  I suspect Roy still boxes Anderson Silva up pretty decisively at this point, but it’d be amazing to see.

Prediction:  Roy Jones Jr beats up Silva, who somehow manages to dance his way into the later rounds.  Roy wins a decision.

Cody Garbrandt vs. Henry Lundy

The Fight:  8 Rounds

The Facts:  Everyone seems to think that every boxer vs. MMA fight has to be the best vs. the best.  Not the case. MMA fighters need to dip their toes into the boxing waters, and Cody Garbrandt actually has boxing experience.  Henry Lundy is 27-6 and 33 years of age. He fought for the WBO 135 pound title in 2016 but lost.  This is a compelling fight and would make sense for Garbrandt.

Prediction:  Dammit, I want to go with Garbrandt, but truthfully, he likely loses this fight to a skilled Lundy.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs. Bobby Gunn

The Fight: 6 Rounds

The Facts: This would be a great fight for MMA fans to rally around. Anthony Johnson hits like a mack truck, and he would be facing a slow, old boxer in Gunn.  Gunn comes from a background of bare-knuckle boxing and recently lost to Roy Jones Jr. It would be a facinating fight since it pits a hard hitting MMA fighter against an older, slower boxer.

The Prediction:  Anthony “Rumble” Johnson knocks Bobby Gunn out in the fourth round.

Stipe Miocic vs. Tyson Fury

The Fight:  8 Rounds

The Facts:  Tyson Fury has not been shy about MMA.  He’s been quoted often talking about how he’d rule all MMA fighters, so why not give him one. Stipe has good hands, and this would be an intriguing fight.  Tyson is a massive heavyweight, standing six foot nine and has an extraordinary 85-inch reach.  Stipe has a history in golden gloves boxing and is super athletic.

The Prediction:  I’d love to say Stipe wrecks Tyson, but he likely doesn’t  He will suffer at the end of that five-inch reach disadvantage.  In the end, I believe Tyson beats him via unanimous decision.