Our breakdown of UFC 229’s main event featuring Khabib vs Conor

Our breakdown of UFC 229’s main event featuring Khabib vs Conor

The biggest fight in UFC history is just a few short days away. Pending any disastrous eleventh hour snafus (which is totally feasible), the UFC will be featuring a main event between Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov.

I’m just going to come right out and say that this fight will be decided by what Khabib decides to do. By saying that, I in no way am implying that he will do whatever he wants. What I am saying is that his actions in the fight will dictate what Conor does.

According to Don Aguero at sportsbettingdime.com,

“The betting lines opened with Khabib as the clear favorite at -205, and while the champ is still favored, the line has shifted towards McGregor in the weeks leading up to the fight.”

When Conor McGregor fought Jose Aldo, Aldo could have entered the bout with a totally different gameplan. Conor is a counter striker and knew that Aldo would abandon his own counter-striking style, just to try and get his angry hands on McGregor. Conor wants you to come in and then counter off of whatever you show him. He’s unique in the sense that he’s a counter striker who pushes forward the entire time.

As for Khabib, as I said, how this fight goes is totally up to him. We all know what he wants to do. He wants to walk Conor down and then get his hands on him; Then, put his butt on the canvas and begin working. Khabib doesn’t want to stand with Conor and exchange punches or it will be an early night for Khabib. Conversely, Conor doesn’t want to get too close or throw leg kicks, otherwise, Khabib will grab ahold of him and maul him like a bear on a bunny rabbit.

Conor must stay away from Khabib and utilize his jab. Period. He likes to throw spinning kicks and be creative in the Octagon but he needs to put that stuff on the backburner for this fight. If he stuffs a takedown it’s not like Khabib will abandon trying it again. Khabib is a terminator and won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

If Nurmagomedov fights patiently and smart, this fight should be a cakewalk. Conor capitalizes on people’s mistakes and if Khabib makes even one, he could suffer his first MMA loss.