Brendan Schaub goes in-depth on his issues with Dana White

Brendan Schaub goes in-depth on his issues with Dana White

Brendan Schaub has issues with how Dana White treats fighters

I checked out the Below the Belt podcast by Brendan Schaub this week to see what he might have to say about Dana White and his infamous “Eskimo Brother” post. I didn’t expect him to be malicious or go further with that threat of spilling the beans, but I did expect him to cover the issue and perhaps give his thoughts on why it happened. He did. I wasn’t disappointed. Here is some of what Brendan said about Dana during his podcast.

“I’m not going to go on some negative rant about Dana White. I’m not going to take shots at Dana, I didn’t get to this … whatever lane you wanna say I’m in….I didn’t get here by hating on people and taking negative shots at people. It’s just not what I do. I’ll leave that up to everyone else. There’s too much negativity in the world and I’m not trying to add to that. That being said, I did not come at him, I did not ask for this. I’ve been retired since what? 2014? December of 2014, I mean, I’m out of the game man. So I’ve held my tongue, and I think I’ve been pretty nice. I’ve been pretty nice to Dana when I could’ve taken shots.”

Brendan talked about how Dana takes shots at fighters, and how last week it was Dana taking shots at Francis NGannou after his lackluster loss to Derrick Lewis. Schaub stated he knows how that feels, having been there before.

“He was taking shots at Francis and I said, this is the time to rally around Francis, not the time to bring him down. I can’t understand why he (White) does this to fighters, he’s notoriously done this for years and years and years. He just talks sh*t about the guys, and they’re not doing well man. Those guys just lost the biggest fight of their lives, lost half their pay. They’re not feeling good about themselves, and then the boss, and you’re looking for any amount of approval and it will go so far, and you’re the captain of the ship, and when you’re sh*tting on all the employees of the ship, it doesn’t make them feel good. When you try to lead by fear, that doesn’t work man. I does not work. That’s not the way to go about things, that’s not what leaders do. It’s not what succesful people do. People are going to go oh Dana’s worth 400,000,000.00. Yeah that’s fine, to me that doesn’t mean you’re sucsussful or a leader. It doesn’t mean sh*t to me. There are a lot of wheels that go into making that deal happen. It’s not just him getting it done.”

Brendan went on to add that Dana has done a good job promoting the sport, and deserves credit for that, but Brendan has a platform and he is going to use it to call things out when he feels they are wrong.

“But if you think with the platform that I have, I’m not going to criticise you for sh*tting on these fighters man. They don’t have much, financially, they don’t have a platform, they literally have to punch men in the face to make a living. For you to bring men down like that, men and women like that down, is insane! You will never get a free ride here, never. Never, ever, ever ever. As long as I have a microphone in my face you will always get criticised for that. Always. It’s not cool. I’ve been in those guys’ shoes man. I’ve been in that exact same scenario.”

All this said, Brendan says he harbors no hate or ill-will for Dana. He said Dana asked for that reply, and it’s done now.

“After all that, I still have no hate in my heart. I have zero hate toward Dana White. If he called me up right now and went, ‘Hey man, let’s stop this sh*t. Let’s do this.’ Cool, man. I have zero animosity, don’t have time for hate. I don’t have time to continue to f*cking come after you on social media.  You asked for this. That tweet, I wrote that on a plane. It took me three minutes to knock that out. It took me three minutes. I didn’t ask for this and I don’t want this. I don’t need this negativity. I’m too busy. We both made it, man. Everything’s all good.”

We’ll see how it all plays out and whether or not it dies out.