Brian Rogers gets a last minute replacement for his fight at RFO this Saturday.

Brian Rogers gets a last minute replacement for his fight at RFO this Saturday.

Brian Rogers had himself a heck of a week. Unfortunately for the ‘Professional Predator’, it was not in the good way.

Rogers has been looking for a fight since his Bellator release last year. After being nominated for ‘KO of the Year’ in 2012, guys weren’t exactly lining up to fight him. He signed with the Revelation Fight Organization (RFO) and was scheduled to fight 6-1, Marven Lemock.

Marven stopped communicating with the RFO promoter, this week. It came out that his sister had passed away and Marven was out. Brian Rogers flew into Ohio and was sans opponent.

RFO promoter Matt Trukovich plead his case on his Facebook. He tried to get anyone to step up.

“Marven Lemock has been pulled from the fight this weekend. His sister passed away last week and he’s gone M.I.A. So once again, the spot vs Brian Rogers is back up for grabs. Brian flew in this a.m. He’s here and ready to rock. Is anyone willing to step up to the challenge and make a name for themselves? This fight has taken full cards of energy out of me, trying to make it work.”

Someone answered the call and RFO was set. Brian Rogers will be taking on 13-14, Lewis Rumsey.

Time to celebrate! The ‘Professional Predator’ went to the Cleveland Cavaliers game with a smile on his face. Sadly, the Cavs lost in Overtime. Who cares? He has a fight set and he watched LeBron James play live. Life was good. But, then…

“Came back to my car after the Cavs game and all my stuff was stolen . Back pack, Macbook, Ipad, some clothing, and my fight shorts.”

Even the champ made a plea to Cleveland to help out Brian:

The week is almost over, Brian. Take all of this bad fortune into the cage on Saturday and I promise you… Sunday will be a fantastic day.

Photo Credit: Phil Lambert/Vital Imagery