Bro, do you even Sumo? Nope, more like a matador.

Takanoyama was a sumo wrestler from the Czech Republic. In a sport dominated by larger men, Takanoyama relied on his judo to win matches, but here he’s looking like a matador.

Now, I must say, this looked like it sucked for the other guy (Chiyonokuni). Takanoyama straight up sidestepped him and the big fella went flying. A simple quick step to the side and a slap on the back sent Chiyonokuni into the onlookers.

This was actually the second part of the match. In the first part, Takanoyama used his strength and leverage to frustrate the bigger man. However, Takanoyama  found himself outside of the ring after their exchange. So, one would think this big whiff was a little bit of revenge for the first part.

Then again, it’s sumo wrestling and I have no idea what the rules are or what is going on.