Brock Lesnar returns to WWE. Has 1 foot out the door, on his way to UFC

Brock Lesnar returns to WWE. Has 1 foot out the door, on his way to UFC

Right now in the WWE, Brock Lesnar’s angle is that he has one foot out of the proverbial door. This is art imitating life, as Lesnar has entered the USADA testing pool and is preparing for a showdown with Daniel Cormier in the UFC. Last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW told the story of Lesnar and how he doesn’t care about the WWE and will be making a move to the UFC.

His rival, Roman Reigns, even went so far as to mention Brock feuding with UFC champ champ, Daniel Cormier. Lesnar is totally transitioning to the UFC while on live WWE television and the WWE seem to be behind this angle, 100%.

The WWE are pushing the fact that Brock is on his way out and it is going over huge with WWE fans. At the moment, fans hate Lesnar because he never shows up to televised events and now, he’s leaving again. This storyline hit a home run in the ratings, as fans are totally intrigued by Lesnar’s ‘Who gives a shit?’ attitude.

Usually, Ronda Rousey has the most views when she’s on WWE tv, but Lesnar’s in-ring appearance shattered Ronda’s usually big numbers. Ronda’s segment from last night has close to 700k views on YouTube, while Brock’s appearance is over 4 million.

Lesnar and Rousey are the two biggest stars in both the WWE and the UFC. It’s crazy how it all worked out this way, but this is where we are now.