Travis Browne denies reports he left Edmund Tarverdyan

Travis Browne denies reports he left Edmund Tarverdyan

Almost two weeks ago reports came out that Travis Browne had left coach Edmund Tarverdyan and the Glendale Fighting Club. Recently, Browne appeared on ESPN’s 5ive Rounds Podcast and was asked about those very reports.

So the big question, has Travis in fact left Edmund?

“He’s still my coach. He comes out quite a bit. He comes out every week to help. The only difference is it’s not in his gym. The man has a family, he has kids. It’s one of those things, to ask another man to come out for two to three months, you just can’t do that. So this camp he’s not as big a part as he has been previously but he is still part of this camp.”

Travis is currently training in Las Vegas with Ricky Lundell and Ray Sefo, with Tarverdyan joining when he can.

“That’s all it was, that the location of my camp is different. When I was doing my whole camp in Los Angeles, Ricky Lundell would come out once a week, but he’s still my coach. So, it’s the same thing, we’re just doing it out here where I’m getting consistent work with the guys that I need to get done with.”

The change, he contends, was for the simple fact the needed more training partners on a consistent basis that could mimic his UFC Fight Night Halifax opponent Derrick Lewis.

“It’s just getting consistent work and having consistent bodies out here in Vegas. Especially for the guy that I’m facing right now. It’s just one of those things where as a team we felt it better to do the camp out here based on that, the bodies are out here. So instead of flying guys in or constantly traveling to different places it’s better to go where the bodies are.”

For his part, Tarverdyan has been getting a tremendous amount of flak. Both for the downfall of Ronda Rousey, and the recent octagon troubles of Travis Browne. But “Hapa” believes that the criticism is unwarranted:

“I think it’s easy to judge from the outside. Anybody that I’ve ever had in camp to work with me as a training partner is always like, ‘Man, Edmond knows what he’s talking about.’ He has a great fight IQ. He has good coaching. It’s about the athletes going out there and performing. Every coach has lost. Every champion with the exclusion of Jon Jones, has lost. Why didn’t the community come down on those coaches? Where was everybody then? Why are you singling him out? It isn’t fair. But life isn’t fair. 

I think what happens is a lot of coaches want to look good in the public so they’ll say kinda the right things even though behind closed doors you talk to them and they say, ‘You know, whatever i just said it for radio, I just said it for the public view.’ 

But he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about looking good for everybody. He cares about looking good or being good to the people around him. Being a good coach. That’s why he doesn’t have 50 guys in his stable. 

It’s [critcism] for the the wrong reasons. I understand a guy like that could be easier to dislike because he doesn’t care. I think I get the same rap sometimes. I’m disliked a lot and it’s probably for the wrong reasons.”

There’s a lot to unpack in Travis’ comments, including questioning other coaches, but you can’t fault a guy for standing up to defend his own coach.

Travis touched on a few other topics during his interview which you can listen to here.

Travis Browne steps into the octagon on February 19th from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He faces Derrick Lewis in the main event.