Derek Brunson set to appeal his UFC 208 loss to Anderson Silva

Derek Brunson set to appeal his UFC 208 loss to Anderson Silva

Derek Brunson to file official appeal of his loss to Anderson Silva

UFC 208 was a bit of a lackluster evening of action.  In fact, there’s been more action after the card, than there was during it.  Holly Holm filed an appeal to have her decision loss appealed due to illegal strikes after the round hand ended. Now, Derek Brunson is joining the act, as he’s expected to file an appeal through his attorney later this week.

Fox Sports reported the news, and stated that Brunson’s manager Ali Abdel-Aziz communicated to them that the appeal would be filed this week by Craig Zimmerman, Brunson’s attorney.

Many felt Anderson Silva had fallen short in his bid to defeat Brunson.  Both fighters looked genuinely surprised when the decision was announced.  MMA Decisions, listed the press row scorecards, and 20 media members from various MMA sites scored it for Brunson as opposed to 4 who had it scored for Silva.  UFC boss Dana White stated he had it scored one round apiece going into the third round, and he scored that round for Brunson.

It will be interesting to see what kind of headway Brunson makes in his appeal. It is difficult to overturn a judges decision, based on merit.  Without a foul to overturn or something like that, basically saying that the judges were wrong, is an uphill battle.

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