C.T. Fletcher’s night out at Bellator 172

C.T. Fletcher’s night out at Bellator 172

Mixed martial arts events are always ripe with celebrity ticket holders, especially when the events are held in California or Las Vegas. Last night at Bellator 172 it was no different as the “Compton Superman” himself, C.T. Fletcher, was in the building.

Fletcher is a bodybuilding and motivational icon. A 3x strict-curl world champion, 3x world bench press champion, and former strict-curl world record holder (225lbs), C.T. is an avid MMA fan.

All throughout his life, C.T. has been a huge fan of combat sports. Whether it be boxing, MMA, or even yes, professional wrestling, C.T. is front and center with a ticket in hand.

C.T.’s popularity exploded after a number of YouTube videos of him in the gym went viral. He has a loud, in-your-face motivational style, that if he doesn’t get you going, than you simply must not have blood pumping through your veins.

His YouTube account currently boasts over 1,000,000 subscribers, and often a who’s who of the entertainment world swing by his Iron Addicts Gym for a workout. If you’re not familiar with his work, you definitely should check out his page.

Additionally, his Netflix documentary, CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession, should be required viewing for anyone in the workout or combat sports space.

Check out C.T.’s night below, where for once he was the one fanning out over others.


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