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The cast of TUF: Redemption can fight, but boy do they all suck at cutting a promo.

Hopefully, none of the contestants on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter ever try out for pro-wrestling. None of them can cut a promo. None!

I know it’s just them reading cue cards and failing at it. No biggie. It’s how much they fail at it that is staggering. When it comes to being awful at reading cue cards, Jesse Taylor is in a league of his own.

“Hey, everyone. Make sure to tune in this Wednesday to FOX Sports One for an ALL NUDE episode…”

Tom Gallicchio is a close second, though.

“Make sure to follow @UFC on the Twitter. On the Twitter, in your Myspace, in the picture box in your living room”

Well, if the fights suck on TUF: Redemption, we always have these goofballs to keep us entertained.