Mauro Ranallo at it again. Slaying the mic while calling NXT match


You know how it is when Mauro Ranallo gets on the microphone… The dude is just slaying quotes and one liners every second. That’s just what he does. So, when he was announcing for NXT, there were no surprises when he dropped gems during the entire time he was being recorded.

Tom Morello and Rage Against the Machine references are just next level stuff. Ranallo lets it roll right off of his tongue like a seasoned linguist. Every time, too.

So, once again, enjoy watching the Bi-Polar Rock-n-Roller getting down on the mic and showing him doing what he does best; Spitting verbal pornography in your earhole and getting you amped for what he’s seeing.

Nunes vs Cyborg more monumental for Amanda Nunes than Rousey fight


Amanda Nunes beating Ronda Rousey was a monumental moment in Nunes’ career. There is absolutely no disputing that. However, her upcoming fight with Cris Cyborg trumps all other career-related goals. A champion vs champion fight against arguably the baddest woman on the planet will be the pinnacle of Nunes’ fight career.

She seems focused on the task at hand and genuinely happy as well. TMZ, of course, have to ask the most irrelevant question ever when talking about Cyborg’s connection with Halle Berry; But if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be TMZ.

The fight between Nunes and Cyborg is the most important fight in women’s MMA history. It goes down next weekend at UFC 232 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Apparently, Halle Berry will be there too.

Where’s the beef?! Right here, between Oscar and Dana. Just heating up


It’s a well-known fact that Dana White doesn’t take too kindly to competition. Once he sees a threat he personally attacks whatever promoter dares try their hand in the MMA world. Right now, that guy is Oscar De La Hoya. Since the inception of Golden Boy MMA, the Dana/Oscar feud has been heating up and looks to not be slowing down any time soon.

Oscar went on a radio show and explained the beef between the two and from his perspective, it’s very telling. Basically, Dana is doing what he does when he’s mad. He brings up something personal, either recent or relating to someone’s ancestors, and beats it to death.

Oscar laughs at the juvenile nature and claims that UFC fighters call him almost daily, saying they are unhappy. I guess Golden Boy MMA actually is a legitimate threat to the UFC.

Washington Redskins safety, Montae Nicholson, streetfight smashing


Washington Redskins safety, Montae Nicholson, was arrested for his role in a streetfight. Nicholson was arrested and charged with assault and battery, as well as public drunkenness. This is just another blow to the NFL who are trying to clean up their image, but players off the field can’t help but screw up.

While the nation is in an uproar about these guys kneeling for the National Anthem, many players are off the field handling stardom very poorly. As crazy as it sounds, at least Nicholson wasn’t arrested for domestic abuse. A fight is just a fight and Nicholson will probably pay a fine and do some community service. A streetfight, he can bounce back from. Domestic violence… There’s no coming back from that.

He should also look into investing in martial arts training because he fights like shit. He literally won a streetfight by being a coordinated professional athlete.

Anderson Silva wants Conor or to box Roy Jones Jr. We say, give it to him!


At this stage of Anderson Silva’s career, just give the man whatever he wants. For years he has wanted to fight Roy Jones Jr and even reiterates in this video that boxing RJJ is his dream. However, Anderson was called out by Conor McGregor not so long ago and now Silva is wondering where Conor has gone.

“I accepted the fight for McGregor. I say let’s go do. 180 (lbs), is perfect for me and I think it’s good for McGregor. Let’s go do it. It’s an amazing fight for the fans”.

Then, Silva is asked if the fight has ever been close to happening. As Silva says that it’s “Close to happening”, his manager Ed Soares is in the background shaking his head ‘No’ at the same time.

Silva then deadpans the camera and says, “McGregor… Come on, man. Let’s do this. Don’t run, man. You scared?”

It looks like McGregor opening Pandora’s Box may not have been a wise choice because the middleweight GOAT wants a crack at McGregor and the all of the money that comes with him.

Gracie JJ Breakdown that’s really just a BJJ clinic. Bully beware.


Any time you have someone with no BJJ experience and they take on someone who is trained in BJJ… The person who trains BJJ wins that fight 10/10 times. Such is the case in this video that Rener Gracie has posted to the Gracie Breakdown YouTube page. While it may look like another streetfight, it’s just a clinic that shows how someone knowledgeable in BJJ can put the wood to someone who is not trained in the arts.

As per the YouTube, the story goes like this:

“Xavier Pa-Jarvis has been a student at our CTC in Hawaii, Central Oahu BJJ, for 2 years. He’s 12 years old (7th grade) and was getting bullied by a 16-year-old (10th grade) for 2 weeks. His parents contacted the school administrators to get it to stop, but nothing changed.

On this day, the older kid approached Xavier at the bus stop with his shirt off and kicked him, so Xavier stood up for himself. Double leg takedown, mount to back mount, rear naked choke (opponent’s friends stepped in to force choke release), immediate Stage 1 punch protection from guard, Stage 4 kick-out and back to the feet. They threw a few more punches and then friends broke it up.

Moral of the story: Teach your child to avoid street fights at all costs, but if they are physically attacked, make sure they have the tools to defend themselves.”

Moral of the story: Jeans shorts are not a good look at any age for any generation.

Please tell me you saw the Invicta botched throw that resulted in an armbar


One of the highlights from Invicta this weekend may have been overshadowed by all of the fights that were on. Canelo, the UFC, and Bellator (twice) were all on this weekend and all had some significant storylines. Invicta 33 flew under the radar and fight fans may have missed the botched throw reverse that resulted in an armbar finish.

Sharon Jacobson and Kay Hansen had almost completed their 15-minute fight when the incredible happened. Jacobson went for a suplex and didn’t quite pull it off. In fact, she tried to dump Hansen over her head and Hansen SOMEHOW grabbed an arm while flying through the air. She wound up getting the armbar on Jacobson at 4:43 seconds of the third round in one of the more improbable submission setups that you’ll ever see.

Crazy impressive stuff from Hansen.

Ronda Rousey’s Open Challenge becomes a high stakes Gauntlet Match


Ronda Rousey needs competition. In the WWE, no one has been able to solve the Rousey puzzle. Until they do, Ronda continues to hold on to the strap and issue open challenges to whoever wants a crack at her belt. Last night, all the women wanted a shot. Therefore, WWE chairman, Stephanie McMahon held a high stakes gauntlet match.

The winner of the gauntlet match would face Ronda for her title. Sounds good, right? Uh-oh… There was trouble in Paradise.

Ronda’s RAW BFF is Natalya and she won the 8-woman gauntlet match. This means that Ronda will have to square off against a friend. Ronda isn’t the biggest fan of wrestling against someone she likes because usually, it results in her getting screwed over. I guess we will see what Natalya brings to the table when the two ladies face off next week on Monday Night RAW.

Master Ken at Santa Fe Comic-Con, Pt 2. Erik Estrada, Golddust, Al Snow


Master Ken is usually telling everyone how their martial art is bullshit. When he’s at the Santa Fe Comic-Con, he doesn’t go that route. Rather, he just executes his his mastery of Ameri-Do-Te on Todd’s balls. Re-stomping Todd’s groin is literally Master Ken’s favorite thing on Earth to do. That and meeting Erik Estrada.

Shoot, who wouldn’t want to meet the man who made Frank Poncherello famous in CHiPs? I know I would.

After meeting Estrada, the next best thing would be meeting WWE alumnus Al Snow and Golddust. Master Ken made that dream into a reality, as he rolled up on and gave a demonstration on how to properly tag an opponent and then… Run for his life.

With USADA thankfully out of the way, you knew Vitor was un-retiring


USADA is the worst thing to happen to MMA. Literally, ever. Vitor Belfort was an absolute killer when he had a TRT exemption but USADA came into play and changed all of that for UFC fighters. Vitor retired this year and is now able to peruse the free agency market and USADA (thankfully) is no … Read moreWith USADA thankfully out of the way, you knew Vitor was un-retiring

Head kick = Game over. Dude looks like he’s kicking a field goal.


What a sight to behold, when a head kick knockout happens. This head kick was another beauty and looked like a kicker booting a field goal. Unlike the usual knockout, the fighter wasn’t knocked unconscious immediately. He looked like he could have actually continued but the ref was having none of it. The way he fell was pretty rough and the ref had seen enough.

The fall was very dramatic and clearly he had no chance of dodging the kick. Despite being hit with the foot he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

XFN was treated to a spectacular KO in the form of violent foot to face.

Edson Barboza’s gut wrenching body shot KO of Dan Hooker


If you missed Dan Hooker getting knocked out by Edson Barboza you missed a brutal gut wrenching KO. What’s even crazier is that Hooker received way more shots to the breadbasket before the knockout and stayed standing. However, in typical Edson Barboza fashion, he chopped Hooker down over time.

Amazingly, with all the damage Barboza did and Hooker being a damn Terminator, these two guys were robbed of Fight of the Night honors. If a fight makes you wince when shots are landed and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’… FOTN should be academic.

All I know is that Dan Hooker’s body and legs will never be the same after sharing a cage with Edson Barboza. My goodness.

After 5-rounder with Primus, Michael Chandler takes an L from microphone


Michael Chandler may have beaten Brent Primus to win back his Bellator lightweight title, but the fight after the fight saw him take an L. Doing the post-fight scrum, Michael Chandler, who is never short on energy, was explaining to the media about how cuts happened during the fight. Speaking into the microphone, Chandler tried to show the media exactly how he headbutted Primus… That’s when the mic fought back.

After taking punches to the head for 25 minutes I assume one can be a little woozy and their equilibrium may be ‘off’. So, when Chandler was showing the media his ‘how-to’ headbutt, he miscalculated and took another shot to the dome.

Like any man trying to avoid embarrassment, he blamed everyone else for the height of the mic.

Mic- 1. Champ- 0.

Smashing! Wow, what a KO! Dude gets spun like a top in stellar KO


Well now, this is one hell of a knockout. Seeing a guy get timed so perfectly that it looks like he was shot with a hand cannon, is a sight to behold. When this guy eats a punch, he gets spun like he was shot in the shoulder. Then, when all was said and done, he took a nice nap right in the middle of the cage.

This KO from ROAD 51 was certainly nasty and very violent. It was a lunging straight right that ended the contest. I don’t know how the view in the arena was for the KO, but the cageside cam makes the punch look absolutely lethal.

KO me once, shame on me. KO me twice, shame on the ref and corner


What’s the best way to get brain damage in MMA? Getting KO’d twice in one fight. This is why boxers suffer so much more head trauma than MMA fighters. They get knocked out, revived, then knocked out again. Last I checked, getting punched in the head while concussed does not help in the retention of knowledge or even thought.

Nikolay Aleksakhin KO’d Rodrigo Cavalheiro at RCC 5 today and he got the magical unicorn knockout. Aleksakhin knocked Cavalheiro out in the first round and Cavalheiro faceplanted. He tried to get up and fell right back down. He was done, but once he got to his feet the referee thought he was good to go for round two.

Well, round two came and Cavalheiro was completely unconscious after being dropped by a right hook. Then, to ensure he drank his meals through a straw for the rest of his life, Aleksakhin punched Cavalheiro again on a follow-up strike.