Inverted triangle attempt by customer on IHOP manager


Is this real life? Managers at the local IHOP are stepping up and putting the wood to rowdy customers. In this case, all bets were off in the smoking section and the customer thought he was Rickson Gracie.

However, the manager thought he was Rampage Jackson fighting Ricardo Arona back in Pride. Somehow the customer wound up in a position where he tried for an inverted triangle on the manager. Well, IHOP managers are no punks. The manager lifted the customer up and slammed him into the ground. Then, he followed up with a chair shot to the guy for good measure.

Boom! No ‘Pancake Revolution’ for you!

Dude on motorcycle gets off and KO’s 2 guys. Everyone cheers for him.


The two guys who were pestering a man riding a motorcycle looked like they deserved what ultimately came to them. If you don’t think so, just ask the crowd of people who cheered for the man on the bike after he dropped them both.

For all we know, this guy on the bike had a lousy day at work and just wanted to get home to his cats. What we know for sure is that two guys were kicking at his motorcycle and looked to be a nuisance, in general.

Now, I’m not going to lie, when the guy got off of his bike, it looked like Deontay Wilder was under that helmet. Each guy ate a left hook and got knocked out. Something tells me they had it coming.

When people who can’t fight, try MMA in the streets


Watching people who can’t fight can sometimes be more fun to watch than a UFC PPV main event. Everyone is a badass in the streets; Or so they think. Watch a few UFC’s and take a cardio kickboxing class… Instant pro MMA fighter.

What a terrible display of technique and overall street smarts shown by these people.

Of course, the biggest meathead in the video (Guy in the black shirt) never actually squares up with someone. He simply punches people who can’t punch back. Then there’s ‘Jackie’. Jackie works a rear naked choke with her ass hanging out the entire time. The poor girl has no idea what she is doing; All while looking like a prostitute mounting a college student and dry humping his back.

Congrats on making the internet hall of shame, guys.

Over 5 minute brawl breaks out at Ugandan Parliament

Ugandan Parliament goes absolutely berserk.

Well, you don’t see THIS every day. Members of the Ugandan Parliament went berserk yesterday. Fights broke out and ‘foreign objects’ were used. Not only were punches thrown, but so were chairs and metal stands.

I’m not going to even pretend to know what happened here, so here’s the description from the NBS TV Uganda YouTube page.

“Scores of opposing legislators were arrested and injured. Officers from the special forces command and the Uganda police force; Forcefully evicted them from the house on the orders of Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga.  Kadaga had ordered a section of MPs out of the chambers after she announced that she had suspended them over their conduct in the house.”

It was an absolutely wild scene and truthfully, I don’t know how more people weren’t seriously injured. Everyone was involved in the fracas including women fighting men.

Not everything bad came out of this, however. It looks as if Conor McGregor’s reach has made it all the way to Uganda’s Parliament.

Ugandan Parliament goes absolutely berserk.


Tell your life story on the train. Talk a lot of smack. Then get choked out.

Life story. Talk smack. Get choked out.

What the hell is this dude’s problem? Actually, don’t answer that. I already know. Life is tough at times, but it’s made worse when you are trying to thug on someone, but you suck at thugging. This guy goes after a bigger, more in-shape, and taller man on a train. In a fight, it is … Read moreTell your life story on the train. Talk a lot of smack. Then get choked out.

Angry little man with big heart and an even bigger temper

This little man thinks he’s seven feet tall. Imagine Dan Henderson’s heart combined with Julian Lane’s temper and it’s bottled up in Gary Coleman. That’s THIS guy. His name is Koksal Baba and he is what nightmares are made of.

His fighting style is straight out of the Conor McGregor handbook. His go-to move seems to be the left hook and then a leg kick. Baba also may or may not bite all of his opponents before going for a single leg takedown.

Baba’s friends have put up a YouTube page, documenting all of Baba’s freakouts and stick swinging brawls. We all needed this guy in high school as our backup.

Even the champ respects the little man’s skills.

The little big man with Anthony Joshua.

Sign this streetfighting girl to a UFC contract, STAT!

Holy streetfighting girl, Batman!

Holy moly, this streetfighting girl can scrap. I’m not going to lie… She hits one of the best double-leg slam takedowns ever. In fact, it’s more of a bodyslam than anything. Almost reminiscent of Hulk Hogan’s slam of Andre the Giant at the Garden. A post shared by UFC Uncensored (@ufcuncensored) on Jun 22, 2017 … Read moreSign this streetfighting girl to a UFC contract, STAT!

Paul Daley and Michael “Venom” Page get into a scuffle in the crowd at Bellator 179

Bellator 179

Paul Daley tapped to Rory MacDonald and started beef with MVP inside five minutes.

I guess one fight a night isn’t enough when you’re MMA badass Paul “Semtex” Daley. He had no sooner been tapped out by Rory when he was out in the crowd mixing it up with Michael Page.Michael Page was supposed to competing on this card against Derek Anderson. Page was pulled from this card after he sustained an injury training. He was still on hard to take in the Bellator 179 festivities.

After the main event, Paul Daley was leaving the cage when he and MVP had words, that led to an altercation. It’s difficult to see in the video what exactly happened, but they were immediately separated and Daley rushed to the bank by security.

I guess one way to stay relevant in the sport, is if you lose, get your next fight started before you even get your gloves off.  Thanks to Chamatkar Sandhu for posting the video to Twitter. He’s a correspondent for MMA Junkie.

Yoel Romero is ready, and absolutely frightening in this video from UFC on FOX

Yoel Romero

Yoel Romero is ready, and he apparently loves the Lord.

Yoel Romero is one of the fittest and muscular fighters in the UFC. UFC on FOX has released a video of Yoel, pre-workout. He’s psyching himself up and letting future potential opponents know that he’s ready for whatever comes his way.   He’s the clear number one contender for the Middleweight title. However, due to GSP and Michael Bisping dancing around a potential fight, the rest of the division is in a frustrating holding pattern.

Dana White said that GSP/Bisping fight was canceled. Of course, Bisping and Georges St-Pierre had not been made aware of any such news. In fact, Michael Bisping has since said, he’s too injured to face Romero currently. He is opting to wait for a fight with GSP. Despite the word from Dana that it has been scrapped, many believe that fight will headline a Madison Square Garden UFC card in November.

Here’s the video, don’t watch it late at night, or if you’re alone, or in the dark.

53-year-old fights a 21-year-old on one hour notice in MMA slugfest


Thanks to Stephen Bonnar for recording this magical piece of history.

One of the most cringe-worthy moments in MMA was when Gus Johnson said, “Sometimes these things happen in MMA.” Of course, it was during a riotous melee in the middle of the cage after Mayhem Miller entered the cage to challenge Jake Shields.  Well, move over Gus, because a 53-year-old man who came to the event to watch, took a fight with a guy more than half his age on one hours notice.

You heard me right, a guy who just showed up to watch a night of fights, found himself in one.  He was asked upon arrival if he’d fill in and fight a kid 21 years of age.  He said sure, why not.  The rest is history. Luckily for all mankind, Stephan Bonnar was on location, camera rolling.  Check it tout.

MMA Fighter Kevin Casey releases music video for song, Never.

kevin casey music video

Former UFC middleweight releases a new video for his song, “Never” We showed Arianny’s new music video a couple weeks ago, and now we’re bringing you former UFC competitor Kevin Casey’s video.  His song, called “Never” is really good, and the video is professionally done. He might have a future outside of fighting. Kasey (9-5) … Read moreMMA Fighter Kevin Casey releases music video for song, Never.

UFC 210: Jon Jones Press Conference Highlights

Jon Jones Press

Jones Jones inexplicably held a press conference today in Buffalo

Jon Jones spoke on any number of topics today. Here are the Jon Jones press conference highlights courtesy of the UFC. Everything from his recovery, to his return and his perceived feud with Daniel Cormier.  He says he believes people don’t want to believe he’s matured.  He’ll have to prove it he says.

It’s typical Jon Jones, and the press conference seems a little odd to say the least, considering he’s serving a suspension for a failed drug test.

There was a lot of ground covered, feel free to check it out and see what Jon Jones had to say ahead of UFC 210.

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Arianny Celeste releases a smooth music video. “I love you, baby.”

Arianny Celeste

Arianny has plenty of interests outside of the Octagon, and music is one of them Perhaps the most famed Octagon girl of all time, Arianny Celeste, brings a whole lot more to the table than a pretty face.  She’s a talented singer and recently released a music video. It’s a mellow version of “I love … Read moreArianny Celeste releases a smooth music video. “I love you, baby.”