53-year-old fights a 21-year-old on one hour notice in MMA slugfest


Thanks to Stephen Bonnar for recording this magical piece of history.

One of the most cringe-worthy moments in MMA was when Gus Johnson said, “Sometimes these things happen in MMA.” Of course, it was during a riotous melee in the middle of the cage after Mayhem Miller entered the cage to challenge Jake Shields.  Well, move over Gus, because a 53-year-old man who came to the event to watch, took a fight with a guy more than half his age on one hours notice.

You heard me right, a guy who just showed up to watch a night of fights, found himself in one.  He was asked upon arrival if he’d fill in and fight a kid 21 years of age.  He said sure, why not.  The rest is history. Luckily for all mankind, Stephan Bonnar was on location, camera rolling.  Check it tout.

Shonie Carter catches Melvin Guillard going off the deep end

Melvin Guillard

Shonie Carter was on the spot for this hilarious meltdown!

Sometimes people don’t see eye to eye, and it can make even the most experienced fighter crack. Such was the case with Melvin Guillard today when he and another gentlemen got into a heated exchange. Shonie Carter is apparently scheduled to fight the guy Melvin was angry at, and Melvin eventually went full-Melvin and used some very NSFW language in explaining his displeasure.

Before things went off the rails, Melvin did a heartfelt tribute to Charlie Murphey with the infamous “F**k your couch”, as he sat on a throne that Shonie’s opponent will be carried to the cage on.  It’s a wicked web of anger, comedy, and drama that we had to share with you.  First up is the Charlie Murphy tribute, and then, you’ll see Melvin losing his mind.  Enjoy.

And now for your viewing pleasure, Melvin Guillard goes crazy and threatens to do the “American thing”
and … well, you’ll see.

A heated Michael Bisping is seen getting into Eddie Bravo’s face.

A heated Michael Bisping is seen getting into Eddie Bravo's face.

When Michael Bisping said he was going to get into movies, I doubt he meant home movies where he tells a fan to “____ off”. That is exactly what happened to the UFC Middleweight Champion when he got in the face of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu God, Eddie Bravo. Amateur mixed martial artist, Marcel Hampton had … Read moreA heated Michael Bisping is seen getting into Eddie Bravo’s face.