Master Ken at Santa Fe Comic-Con, Pt 2. Erik Estrada, Golddust, Al Snow


Master Ken is usually telling everyone how their martial art is bullshit. When he’s at the Santa Fe Comic-Con, he doesn’t go that route. Rather, he just executes his his mastery of Ameri-Do-Te on Todd’s balls. Re-stomping Todd’s groin is literally Master Ken’s favorite thing on Earth to do. That and meeting Erik Estrada.

Shoot, who wouldn’t want to meet the man who made Frank Poncherello famous in CHiPs? I know I would.

After meeting Estrada, the next best thing would be meeting WWE alumnus Al Snow and Golddust. Master Ken made that dream into a reality, as he rolled up on and gave a demonstration on how to properly tag an opponent and then… Run for his life.

After 5-rounder with Primus, Michael Chandler takes an L from microphone


Michael Chandler may have beaten Brent Primus to win back his Bellator lightweight title, but the fight after the fight saw him take an L. Doing the post-fight scrum, Michael Chandler, who is never short on energy, was explaining to the media about how cuts happened during the fight. Speaking into the microphone, Chandler tried to show the media exactly how he headbutted Primus… That’s when the mic fought back.

After taking punches to the head for 25 minutes I assume one can be a little woozy and their equilibrium may be ‘off’. So, when Chandler was showing the media his ‘how-to’ headbutt, he miscalculated and took another shot to the dome.

Like any man trying to avoid embarrassment, he blamed everyone else for the height of the mic.

Mic- 1. Champ- 0.

King Mo is a savage. Wants ‘Bitchass Ho’, Matt Mitrione


There goes King Mo again. The dude has absolutely no filter whatsoever. So when it comes to Matt Mitrione, Mo wants a piece of his bitchass. Apparently, Mitrione was offended that Mo said that Matt’s fight with Roy Nelson should have gone another round. Nelson is a teammate of Mo’s, so Mo was certainly entitled to his opinion.

In response, Mitrione has been talking a bunch of shit about Mo and Mo put it down at the Bellator press conference.

“I want Matt Mitrione’s bitchass. That’s who I want. He’s already booked, but hopefully, Y’all will make it happen because I don’t like his bitch ass! Let that be known. Y’all can tweet that he’s a ho.”

*Opens Twitter*

Eve Gracie accidentally chokes Rener unconscious with the ‘Sheet Choke’


This is just too damn funny. While nothing is funny about domestic violence, the outtake from the Gracie Breakdown about how to survive an attack in the bedroom, most certainly was. Rener Gracie and his wife Eve did an instructional showing how to do a ‘Bed Sheet Choke’. While doing so, Eve missed the tap and put Rener straight to sleep.

She choked him out and that alone showed that the technique absolutely works. Rener himself said it perfectly:

“The technique worked perfectly and at least I got to wake up in my own bed.”

Totally by accident, it was another successful Gracie Breakdown.

Against his better judgement, MMA photog lets Kevin Ross leg kick him


Let me preface this by saying that the photographer in this video is my friend so I will be taking liberties with his intelligence at his expense. MMA and overall incredible photographer, Courtney Henderson, used piss poor judgement while standing in the ring with Kevin Ross.

Seemingly by choice, Courtney thought it would be a good idea to get kicked by the Muay Thai superstar. If you don’t know who Kevin Ross is, let’s put it this way; He’s the last guy on Earth that you want leg kicking you.

Despite having shin pads on, Ross unloads a lightning fast and extremely hard kick on Courtney and drops him like a stone. I’d feel bad for Courtney except that it was his choice and Ross just obliged.

Something tells me that the shin pads didn’t soften the blow. Like, not even a little.

Mini Blessed done stole the show from his pop AGAIN


Isn’t it just like a kid to steal the damn show? Max Holloway is the champ and the hardest worker in the room, but Mini Blessed keeps showing up and showing out. Once again, Holloway’s son took to the stage and showed off his dance moves while his pop could only look on and smile.

While the younger of the Holloway boys is certainly no stranger to entertaining, this time he’s doing it on the UFC stage when the spotlight is on dad.

Tomorrow night, Mini Blessed will have to put his sick moves on hold while dad tries to defend his title against Brian Ortega. It remains to be seen whether or not it’s a happy or sad dance.

For now, enjoy the gyration.

The mother of all streetfights… and not one word was said.


Here it is ladies and gentlemen. It’s the mother of all streetfights. There’s no screaming or yelling, just two dudes going hard whilst wearing some millennial clothes worth more than my mortgage. There’s no word on what started the beef between the two but rumor has it that they are both in love with Hermione.

It gets even more hardcore when one of the gents tries to walk away. His opponent won’t let him get away that easy. Why should he? He IS the son of Lucius Malfoy.

Okay, that’s enough Harry Potter references. Just check out this video.

This guy bet on Wilder/Fury to go to a draw. Drinks for everyone!!!


This fella is the correct guy to have around when shit goes right. He put down a bet for £500 ($636.85) on Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder. However, his bet was on the fight going to a draw. To most people’s chagrin, it did, in fact, go to a draw. While everyone was screaming that … Read moreThis guy bet on Wilder/Fury to go to a draw. Drinks for everyone!!!

Dancing Brian Ortega don’t stop til he gets enough


On the verge of his first UFC title shot, Brian Ortega won’t stop. No, he won’t stop til he gets enough. Doing his best Michael Jackson impersonation, Brian D-City (Dance City) hits the street in his fullsuit after a surf session and shows us how to put it down. If he had shoes on, there … Read moreDancing Brian Ortega don’t stop til he gets enough

If you are the best fighter in the world, you’re doing a ‘shoey’, baby!


In the words of UFC on FOX’s Karyn Bryant, “Shoey, baby!”. When you are the consensus pound for pound best fighter in the world, you’re doing a shoey. The bizarre stunt rose to prominence as Tai Tuivasa climbed the heavyweight division. Each time he won a fight he did a shoey. That is, he drank beer out of someone else’s shoe.

If it sounds disgusting, well, that’s because it is. So, when Tuivasa fought this past Saturday night, the UFC on FOX crew felt that it was only appropriate that the double champ, Daniel Cormier, do a shoey.

There is no word as to whose shoe DC drank out of. All we know is that it was a running shoe that looked like it had been scrubbed and disinfected. Being that Modelo is the official beer of the UFC, it was the obvious choice to do the shoe act on television.

Just like Stone Cold Steve Austin, DC may have ingested about a tablespoon of beer, while the rest went everywhere else.

Browsey Acres Ranch photoshoot gets eaten by Browsey Acres goats


In this scenario when mentioning goats, we don’t mean Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, GSP, or Demetrious Johnson. No, in this case, we are straight up just talking about living and breathing animals. The goats on the Browsey Acres Ranch (Ronda Rousey / Travis Browne Ranch) are the furry kind that make milk and eat everything.

Famed photographer, Eric Williams, was trying to shoot the Browsey ranch but ran into his own goat problems. Clearly frustrated with the animal problem, Williams handled it as poorly as possible. The animals tried to eat his equipment, but really just wanted to say hello. It became a power struggle between the photographer in his office with the animals and their home.

I think everyone made out just fine in the end.

Knocking a guy out is impressive, but not as impressive as knocking out 2


Knocking one guy out in combat sports is always impressive to see. However, inadvertently knocking out two guys at the same time is otherworldly. That’s right kiddos, it happened and we have it for your viewing pleasure.

Gou Dakui fought at Max Muay Thai over the weekend and took out a 2-for-1 special. This wasn’t even some wacky Russian MMA where teams of guys fought above a moat. No, in this case, it was just 2 dudes in a kickboxing match. In the end, however, 1 man stood while 2 were on the canvas.

I guess ‘protect yourself at all times’ should also pertain to referees as well.

NBA on TNT and Creed 2 stars in for the LOL’z with punching machine


What happens when the stars from Creed 2, Michael B Jordan and Florian Munteanu, join the NBA on TNT crew? The same thing that happens whenever Charles Barkley is around. Hilarity. Once he was one of the most feared badasses in the NBA. Now, Charles has devolved into an uncoordinated goofball.

Kenny Smith goes first on the punch machine. Kenny considers himself to be ‘street’ because he grew up balling in New York. I’m here to tell you that street folks don’t throw punches like little kids. Kenny does. Standing hammerfist for the win.

Charles Barkley absolutely shit the bed on his punch. Grandmothers punch harder. Of course, the whole room laughs hysterically.

Next up is Shaq. Shaq has trained and even fought in exhibitions. He knows how to punch. However, the guy is taller than a building and it’s difficult to throw straight on the machine. Yet, he still manages to smash the thing.

Michael B Jordan also knows how to punch. To give you some perspective of how big all of these guys are, Jordan is 6’0 but looks like Gary Coleman in the land of giants.

Ivan Drago’s son, Florian Munteanu, is actually a pro boxer. This dude knows what he’s doing. One might call him the ‘Anti Charles Barkley’. He hits the hardest of everyone to nobody’s surprise.

Shaq tries again because he’s the most competitive man on Earth. He doesn’t catch Florian, but he beats Chuck. So, I imagine all is right with the world.

Is Forrest Griffin still a goofball? *watches video* Absolutely.


Now that Forrest Griffin is a full-time employee of the UFC and its performance center, many have wondered if Griffin still has ‘it’. By ‘it’ I mean a self-deprecating goofball that loves nothing more than to laugh at himself.

After watching this video that he posted on Twitter, I’d say that, yes, Griffin hasn’t lost a step.

If I’m being totally honest here, Forrest looks like an 8-year-old kid in this video. The new Crossfit way of training is throwing weighted balls on trampolines. What isn’t part of that training regimen is getting whacked in the nuts while doing so. However, if anyone is going to change the way things are done, it’s Griffin (and his balls).

Forrest Griffin, the accidental showman.

Mini Blessed is more fearless than his champion father


Max Holloway is fearless inside of the cage. This is a guy who has stood directly in front of every opponent that he’s faced and threw the F down. That attitude has brought him to square off against some of the greatest featherweights known to man. However, his son, Mini Blessed is more of a beast than Max can even dream of being.

Okay, so mayybe Holloway’s son isn’t one of the world’s greatest fighters, but he sure as hell shows that there is nothing that he’s afraid of. There’s a saying, “Dance like nobody is watching”.

Mini Max dances like everyone is watching and he wants everyone to see. In fact, he had everyone dying of laughter who were surrounding them. Take a look: