Real Quick Retro Pick: Here’s why you don’t taunt Cro Cop.

Real Quick Retro Pick

There are a lot of people out there you can make fun of, Cro Cop isn’t among them.

Time for a Real Quick Retro Pick! Videos like these always make me smile. I love the old Pride/Dream events from Japan. Cro Cop at one time was considered the most dangerous men in the world. His kicks were known to send grown men into fits of absolute terror. There was a saying that went along with his kicks. “Right Leg, hospital. Left leg, cemetery.” Yeah, I’m serious.

So when he was facing off with Yoshihisa Yamamoto at Pride Bushido 2 you knew it could result in violence. Then when Yamamoto opted to taunt Cro Cop, you knew it would absolutely end in violence. It certainly did.

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Real Quick Retro Pick – Demetrious Johnson KO & dance party

Real Quick Retro Pick

Back in 2010 Demetrious Johnson fought in Alaska and did the damn thing.

I stumbled on this video today, and it’s pretty entertaining. Let’s get in our time machines and set the dials to 2010 and lovely Anchorage, Alaska. A young DJ Johnson was taking on Jesse Brock. At the time Brock was 10-4 as a professional and DJ was 9-0 and fighting his last regional show before going up to WEC. In his next fight, Johnson would lose to Brad Pickett, one of only two losses in his career. Check out the Real Quick Retro Pick video.

Demetrious was aggressive and landed a thudding right hand followed by a high kick that ended proceedings rather quickly. He did his trademark flip and then broke into a little impromptu dance party. Demetrious had moves, ladies, and gentlemen. It’s always fun to see these guys doing their thing before they were known on the main stage.

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Real Quick Retro Pick: Remembering KOTC Wet and Wild

KOTC Wet n Wild

For those of you who missed KOTC in the 90s, you missed a lot.

I was out there on the interwebs today looking around for cool stuff, and I stumbled across the video made by Reddit user Blonders 1.  It is an amazing recap of one of the craziest nights of MMA I can ever remember.  Good old KOTC Wet and Wild. So, King of the Cage used to hold shows (and still might) at Soboba Casino in picturesque San Jacinto, California.

On one particular night, they held an event and mother nature decided to not cooperate. It was cold and rainy, and it turned the canvas into a sheet of ice.  The fighters slipped and slid all over the canvas and it produced some cringe-worthy moments.  The event itself, which took place in 2001 featured big name fighters.   Guys like Ricco Rodriquez, Marvin Eastman, Yves Edwards, Guy Metzger, and Paul Buentello all suffered through the conditions.

Real Quick Retro Pick. Watch Baba O’Riley UFC video and get hyped!

Baba O'Riley

This is the video that plays in the arena right before the main card starts.

One of my favorite aspects of attending a live UFC event is the amazing Baba O’Riley video that plays to get everyone in the arena hyped for the show. It’s an amazing video, and I can’t watch it without getting hyper and ready to go.  The UFC did an amazing job with this video. By and large, fans who don’t go to the event, don’t see it.

I figured today would be as good as any other day to share this amazing video. In my opinion, it’s one of the best video productions the UFC has ever created. Gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

The video features many iconic moments and still shots to The Who’s classic tune.  If you’re struggling getting through a Thursday, and the weekend seems too far away, watch this and get energized for another few hours at the office.

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Real Quick, Retro Pick: Jorge Masvidal submitted in Inverted Triangle Choke

Inverted Triangle Choke

This is my favorite all time submission

Back in 2009, Jorge Masvidal was in Bellator, and he had a fight against submission specialist Toby Imada.  The end result of this matchup is a submission for the ages.  Toby Imada ended up on Masvidal’s back and applied an inverted triangle choke, which for a moment looked more awkward than anything else.

However, as the fighters worked for position along the fence, the submission started looking tighter.  Eventually, Jorge Masvidal was left unconscious as the referee stopped the fight.  Check it out, it still ranks as one of the most amazing submissions in MMA.

Check out Bellator Online


Real Quick, Retro Pick: Shonie Carter referees double KO

Double KO

Shonie Carter with the priceless reaction to the double knockout

Today Evan Shoman and I spoke to Shonie Carter on our Crimson Canvas Podcast, and it got me thinking about a classic video. Back in 2008 at an event called Legends of Fighting, Tyler Bryan and Shaun Parker were fixing to make their debut, and Shonie was charged with referee duties.  Who knew we were about to witness a double ko.

Nobody could have anticipated what happened next. Eight seconds into their fight, both fighters landed big shots, sending them both to the canvas in a heap.  It was a double knockout, and Shonie’s reaction was nothing short of amazing.  His mind was fully blown.  Check it out.

Shonie said, “That was crazy! I didn’t want to referee because I didn’t get paid for that. I didn’t even want to go.”  He ended up being part of one of the most memorable moments in MMA.

Real Quick, Retro Pick: Mirko Cro Cop scares the life out of Mauro Ranallo

Real Quick, Retro Pick: Mirko Cro Cop scares the life out of Mauro Ranallo

Apparently, it sucked to be the new guy in Pride. Such was the case for new Pride announcer, Mauro Ranallo. At his expense, Bas Rutten and Mirko Cro Cop decided to have some fun with him.

As you can tell from the video, there was nothing fun about the situation for Mauro. Ranallo, who looks as if he’s never so much as punched a heavy bag in his entire life, gets roasted by Cro Cop. Not only was Mirko’s size intimidating, but at that time he was one of the top 3 heavyweights in the world. On top of that, he had a stoic Croatian demeanor. All of these variables contributed to the perfect shit storm to ruin Ranallo’s day.

While the video is hilarious, you still feel kind of bad for Ranallo. Bas was just playing a prank on him and Cro Cop executed it perfectly. In fact, it was too perfect.

Real Quick, Retro Pick: The choke-slam from Hell!

Real Quick, Retro Pick: The choke-slam from Hell!

You see the phrase ‘Choke-Slam from Hell and immediately you think of the WWE. Is it Kane? Is it the Undertaker? Nah. It’s James Bruno as a referee.

You may recognize the Bruno name. That’s because James Bruno has two brothers (Mike and Steve), who both fought professionally. Mike spent most of his career in Titan FC, while Steve Bruno competed in the UFC. As for James, he puts on a referee shirt and takes shit from no one.

Bruno described on his Youtube channel, what exactly happened that night:

“I accidentally knocked the guy over while separating the two. I then apologize and pat the guy on the headgear. As I walk away he mushes the back of my head and when I turn around, he tells me to go “F” myself. If you look extra closely you can see me knock away his left hand which was on my neck first, before I slammed him. Earlier in the fight, the guy was acting like a punk, talking smack, and disrespecting everybody.I’d never act that way in a real fight or at a real event. These were two jerks fighting over a $20 bar tab and a free t-shirt, for cryin’ out loud!!!”

Real Quick, Retro Pick. That one time Dominick Cruz fought a ninja.

Real Quick, Retro Pick. That one time Dominick Cruz fought a ninja.

It was 2008 and MMA was still developing its identity. There were people out there that doubted the authenticity of it and did what we used to call ‘dojo storming’. One such person was a ninja.

Yes, an actual ninja. I’m not sure what the art of Ninjitsu entails exactly, but I know it has a lot to do with focus and invisibility; Two traits of which this guy didn’t have when he walked into North County Fight Club and called out any MMA fighter. He found his opponent. A kid from the WEC with a 1-1 record, Dominick Cruz.

Again, I’m not positive with what being a ninja consists of, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t basketball shorts and no ground game. The ninja looked like he definitely had trained some form of Karate, as his traditional stance showed. His downfall in this fight was never training any grappling his entire life. You choose one gym to ‘dojo storm’ and it’s home to the future most dominant bantamweight ever.

Maybe next time, ease up on shooting poison darts through bamboo rods and hurling throwing stars at sandbags.


Real Quick, Retro Pick: The Pettis Brothers show off Anthony’s precision kick!

Real Quick, Retro Pick: The Pettis Brothers show off Anthony's precision kick!

Ah, brotherly love. Even when we are adults, we still treat our kin the same way as we did when we were kids. Well, Sergio Pettis got the business from older brother Anthony and head RoufusSport trainer, Duke Roufus. It was just a simple accuracy kick to knock the can off of Sergio’s head. Or so he thought.

I’m sure they have done this a million times before. However, being the little brother… protect yourself at all times. They set up poor Sergio and being the younger brother, he had full trust in big bro Anthony. After what went down in this video, I imagine he never will again.



Real Quick, Retro Pick. When Sh!t gets a little too real in the cage.

Real Quick, Retro Pick. When Sh!t gets a little too real in the cage.

Real Quick, Doody Pick.

We’ve seen it happen in MMA before. Yeah hear ‘poops pants’ and usually, you think of Tim Sylvia. Well, add “The Brown Bomber” Travis Wolford to the list.

After the weigh-ins, Wolford went to ‘Chili Fest’ and had 4-5 big bowls of chili. In his own words,

“I got in the cage and got kicked. Shit happens.”

Yes, it did. In fact, it happened all over the cage. Travis seemed to take it all in stride, as he found the humor in it. He even named the move, the ‘Doo-Doo-Plata’.

When all was said and done, the mat was covered. While this is outrageous, the comments on the video will make your day.

  • He’s a skilled mixed martial shartist.
  • It’s called ‘Jiu-Jitsu’. Not ‘Poo Shitsu’.
  • He gave his shorts to a lucky fan after.
  • It was a defense mechanism, like a squid with ink.
  • That was a last-ditch effort to defend himself.
  • Really? His name is the “Brown Bomber”?
  • Well, he definitely left his mark.
  • No fair. That man’s in a hole new weight class now.
  • Must’ve been round NUMBER TWO!
  • I don’t know about the decision, that last round could have gone either way.
  • I bet he’s feeling down in the dumps after that one.
  • When your fighting in a cage and your bowels are in a rage… diarrhea, diarrhea.

Something tells me that you won’t see this used as a valid submission defense technique, on a Bas Rutten instructional video.

Real Quick, Retro Pick: The ‘Karate Hottie’ Michelle Waterson re-enters the dojo.

Real Quick, Retro Pick: The 'Karate Hottie' Michelle Waterson re-enters the dojo.

Yesterday we posted a video of the ‘Karate Hottie’ Michelle Waterson demonstrating the axe kick to Master Ken. She re-entered the dojo with him and showed her technique for the back spinning elbow. Of course, Master Ken informs us about how incorrect her technique is.

Waterson can barely keep it together this time around. In fact, she broke so many times that they put out a blooper reel for this one.

EnterTheDojo has about 200 videos on their channel regarding techniques and how more than likely, yours is the wrong one. They have celebrity guests such as Michael Jai White, Jackson’s MMA, and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. More than anything, they have instructional videos on how to defend yourself from Russian Hackers, someone attacking in a wheelchair, and 100 ways to attack the groin.

Master Ken’s YouTube Channel.

Real Quick, Retro Pick. Executive Iceman takes care of business

executive iceman

The UFC introduced us all to Mr. Liddell, Executive Iceman

Chuck Liddell had recently retired as an active fighter, and joined the executive ranks of the UFC. People wondered what he’d do for the promotion, and Dana and the UFC put together a funny video giving us insight into a typical day at the office for “The Executive Iceman.”

You see him making fights, talking to fighters, and ending meetings as only he can.  There’s a funny part in the break room where a co-worker keeps accidentally mentioning people who’d knocked Chuck out.

It’s a funny video, and something the UFC could do again to show a creative humorous side.  Check it out.

Follow Chuck Liddell:


Real Quick, Retro Pick. Michelle Waterson A$$-Kick with Master Ken.

Real Quick, Retro Pick. Michelle Waterson A$$-Kick with Master Ken.

The time that UFC star Michelle Waterson entered the dojo, with Master Ken,

Before Michelle Waterson was even in the UFC, she was somewhat of an underground star. Being attractive and able to fight can put you in a position to do things outside of the cage. Both qualities that I have neither of, hence why I am writing about it. *sad face*

Four years ago, the Karate Hottie joined Master Ken on his Youtube show, Enter the Dojo. Master Ken is a parody account of a sensei who thinks ‘your kung-fu is bullshit’.

Master Ken acquires the talents of many MMA fighters on his show, specifically Jackson’s MMA. Enjoy watching Waterson demonstrating how to do a proper ass axe-kick.

Real Quick, Retro Pick: Daniel Cormier is all about that chicken and cake.

Real Quick, Retro Pick: Daniel Cormier is all about that chicken and cake.

“I’m all about that cake, bout that cake… and chicken”

Today’s Real Quick, Retro Pick is a couple of years old. Daniel Cormier is very outspoken regarding his food romance. More specifically, being a lover of Popeyes Chicken.

If Daniel Cormier was Superman, Popeye’s would be his Kryptonite. Only this Kryptonite makes you stronger. He did himself no favors by consistently proclaiming his love for the Louisiana based business. During his brutal weight cuts to make the light heavyweight limit of 205 pounds, Cormier spoke of Popeyes like a Kardashian speaks about plastic surgery.

Although, being so vocal about his love for food has worked against him. Prior to their UFC 173 fight in 2014, Dan Henderson brought a bag of Popeyes Chicken into Cormier’s practice session, while DC was cutting weight.

Real Quick, Retro Pick: Daniel Cormier is all about that chicken and cake.

Cormier seemed happy to mock himself for the 7th Fighter’s Only Awards in the Real Quick video. Have fun bleaching your eyeballs after watching.