Head kick = Game over. Dude looks like he’s kicking a field goal.


What a sight to behold, when a head kick knockout happens. This head kick was another beauty and looked like a kicker booting a field goal. Unlike the usual knockout, the fighter wasn’t knocked unconscious immediately. He looked like he could have actually continued but the ref was having none of it. The way he fell was pretty rough and the ref had seen enough.

The fall was very dramatic and clearly he had no chance of dodging the kick. Despite being hit with the foot he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

XFN was treated to a spectacular KO in the form of violent foot to face.

Smashing! Wow, what a KO! Dude gets spun like a top in stellar KO


Well now, this is one hell of a knockout. Seeing a guy get timed so perfectly that it looks like he was shot with a hand cannon, is a sight to behold. When this guy eats a punch, he gets spun like he was shot in the shoulder. Then, when all was said and done, he took a nice nap right in the middle of the cage.

This KO from ROAD 51 was certainly nasty and very violent. It was a lunging straight right that ended the contest. I don’t know how the view in the arena was for the KO, but the cageside cam makes the punch look absolutely lethal.

KO me once, shame on me. KO me twice, shame on the ref and corner


What’s the best way to get brain damage in MMA? Getting KO’d twice in one fight. This is why boxers suffer so much more head trauma than MMA fighters. They get knocked out, revived, then knocked out again. Last I checked, getting punched in the head while concussed does not help in the retention of knowledge or even thought.

Nikolay Aleksakhin KO’d Rodrigo Cavalheiro at RCC 5 today and he got the magical unicorn knockout. Aleksakhin knocked Cavalheiro out in the first round and Cavalheiro faceplanted. He tried to get up and fell right back down. He was done, but once he got to his feet the referee thought he was good to go for round two.

Well, round two came and Cavalheiro was completely unconscious after being dropped by a right hook. Then, to ensure he drank his meals through a straw for the rest of his life, Aleksakhin punched Cavalheiro again on a follow-up strike.

Relive the KO of the decade. Barboza on Etim KO is a heads-up for noobs


The UFC has it listed as the ‘KO of the week’ on their YouTube channel, but I’m here to let you know that it’s so much more than that. For the fans who have been around forever and not just when Conor McGregor showed up, the knockout that Edson Barboza landed on Terry Etim could be classified as the ‘KO of the decade’.

This knockout was what really put Edson Barboza on the map. While he won his first UFC fight via TKO by way of leg kicks, we hadn’t really seen what Barboza was capable of. That fight was buried in the unaired portion of the fight card (yes, we used to have to check MMA sites for results because they weren’t aired) and his next two fights were decision wins.

Then came the Etim fight… Fans were blown away because no one had ever seen a kick straight out of the movies, come to real life. Barboza threw the now famous spinning back kick and Etim was out on his feet. He fell like a tree alone in the woods and the spinning-back-kick-walk-off-knockout was born.

Edson Barboza fights in the co-main event against Dan Hooker this weekend at UFC Fight Night, Milwaukee.

Dhiego Lima wonders, “Are you not entertained?” with UFC 231 KO


It was a beautiful walk-off knockout tonight at UFC 231 for Dhiego Lima over Chad Laprise. Like Maximus in Gladiator, he held his arms wide and wonders, “Are you not entertained?”. Well, sir, we certainly were.

Lima was on a rough losing skid in his first stint with the UFC. He went 1-3 and subsequently was let go by the promotion. Thanks to a ‘Comeback’ Ultimate Fighter season, Lima fought his way back to the UFC… but he lost in the finale and then a fight to Yushin Okami. Things looked bleak for Lima until tonight at UFC 231.

Lima was placed on the UFC Fight Pass Prelims which is basically a make or break platform. A loss tonight on those prelims and Lima would be on his way out. However, Lima wasn’t ready for his walking papers and he dispatched of Chad Laprise in the very first round with a crushing knockout.

Check this one out…

Six-second women’s MMA knockout. My goodness!


Elin Oberg took on Anna Astvik and they fought a quick, but sweet, fight. Well, it was sweet for Oberg. Astvik, not so much. The fight produced a six-second knockout that saw Astvik with her toes curled up and reaching out to ride an invisible bicycle.

After a quick touch of the gloves, Astvik struck first but was immediately countered with a left hand straight to the jaw. While it looks as if Oberg didn’t need to follow with another strike on the ground, she did anyway.

The follow-up put Astvik down for good and sent her far away to her special dream place.

KO’ing a guy so hard, his hands are still up while looking to the scoreboard


There isn’t even a scoreboard in MMA, but this poor guy was looking at one and still defending himself while out cold. Aaron Webb is a former Bellator fighter who laced the gloves up again, but this time in the LFA. He fought undefeated prospect, Austin Lingo and Lingo showed why his nickname is ‘Lights Out’.

Both fighters came out swinging hard and Webb even landed some solid shots. However, the shots didn’t stop Lingo. It only took 13 seconds and Lingo sealed the deal in a hurry.

He even followed up with an unnecessary shot to make sure that Webb was out.

Fyi, yes, he was totally out.

Someone better call the ambulance because, she dead.


Holy Hailey Cowan! After her brutal knockout on Friday night at LFA, someone better have called the police because there was a murder via headkick. Jessica Sotack was Cowan’s opponent and she never even saw Cowan coming. Actually, it was the quick feet of Cowan that went unseen. Sotack looked as if she thought the kick was coming in low and she just froze. This lead to a KO of the Year candidate by Cowan.

Cowan even took he foot off of the gas after she saw her opponent laid out. She got to Sotack before the ref did and called the fight herself. There was no need to inflict further damage on her fallen opponent.

Knocked out like half Ric Flair and half Greg Louganis


There are so many emotions that I have when watching this video. This guy gets knocked out and dives face first into the canvas like he’s Greg Louganis in the Olympics. Before the dive, he almost begins with the Ric Flair Flop. Should I laugh heartily or cry hysterically? I’m not quite sure, but my sadistic side thinks that it’s just too damn funny.

It’s a well-known fact that coming in with your hands down in any combat sport is a bad idea. This poor guy found it out the hard way. Luckily, there’s no way he remembers any of this so he can laugh at the video like the rest of us.


Knocking a guy out is impressive, but not as impressive as knocking out 2


Knocking one guy out in combat sports is always impressive to see. However, inadvertently knocking out two guys at the same time is otherworldly. That’s right kiddos, it happened and we have it for your viewing pleasure.

Gou Dakui fought at Max Muay Thai over the weekend and took out a 2-for-1 special. This wasn’t even some wacky Russian MMA where teams of guys fought above a moat. No, in this case, it was just 2 dudes in a kickboxing match. In the end, however, 1 man stood while 2 were on the canvas.

I guess ‘protect yourself at all times’ should also pertain to referees as well.

Alistair Overeem scores big KO victory at UFC Fight Night Beijing


Of everyone fighting on the UFC Fight Night Beijing card, it’s arguable that Alistair Overeem needed a win the most desperately. He faced promotional newcomer, Sergey Pavlovich. Pavlovich was having some success against The Reem. Then, Overeem gets a bully like takedown and scores a nasty NASTY KO.

The first shot that Reem landed sounded like a baseball bat cracking a fastball. Every shot thereafter seemed just as nasty as the one before. The referee had no choice but to stop the fight, as Pavlovich was doing nothing but eating leather.

Overeem had been on a two-fight losing streak where he was brutally knocked out in both. He badly needed a win and boy did he get a good one.

Brandon Vera KO’s Mauro Cerilli in 64 seconds after a 2 year layoff


After a 2-year layoff, The Truth Brandon Vera came back to ONE FC and didn’t lose a single step. Thus far in Vera’s ONE career, he has dispatched of every opponent in the first round. Today was no different, as he knocked out recent Cage Warriors HW champ, Mauro Cerilli, in just 64 seconds. In … Read moreBrandon Vera KO’s Mauro Cerilli in 64 seconds after a 2 year layoff

Deontay Wilder’s last 10 KO’s. Every one is a doozy.


Deontay Wilder is a monster boxer. True to his last name, the guy swings like a wildman and he aims to bury his opponent. Sitting on a record of 40-0, 39 of those wins are by way of knockout. So, for Showtime to find Deontay Wilder’s last 10 knockouts was pretty easy and each one is a doozy.

Wilder has only gone to a decision one time and that was in 2015 against Bermane Stiverne. Seemingly unhappy with the decision and considering his win as a loss, they rematched in 2017. Their second go-round was much different, as Wilder smashed Stiverne in the first round, leaving him out cold and propped up by the ring ropes.

Wilder has only one loss on his record, but it’s unofficial. The great Charlie Z knocked him out a few years ago. Just ask Charlie and he’ll tell ya.

I digress.

Usually spinning backfist KO’s are perfectly timed. This 1 is just all power


Spinning backfist knockouts are usually the result of a perfectly timed shot. It’s not often that a spinning backfist KO comes from just raw brute power. In the case of the opening fight on LFA this past Friday, the power spinning backfist did the trick and them some.

It took Kailan Hill just 11 seconds to dispatch of his opponent, Andre Walker. There was literally no need for Hill to follow up, as Walker was done. Hill knew it and celebrated immediately. He knew Walker had nothing left as his unconscious body laid on the canvas.

His leap off of the top of the cage left something to be desired, however.

What a dirty, filthy, nasty… basically anything relating to ‘unclean’, KO!


Why is it that the cleaner a knockout is, the more it is described as dirty? Anything relating to ‘unclean’ in MMA means dirty. It makes no sense but it makes total sense. This knockout by Louis Blair is about as dirty as you will ever see.

His opponent threw a kick and neither hand was up protecting his head. Blair timed and nailed the kick perfectly and sent his opponent crashing to the canvas. He was knocked completely out and never even saw it coming.

There have been multiple finishes on this lovely Saturday but this one has to be the best.