Please tell me you saw the Invicta botched throw that resulted in an armbar


One of the highlights from Invicta this weekend may have been overshadowed by all of the fights that were on. Canelo, the UFC, and Bellator (twice) were all on this weekend and all had some significant storylines. Invicta 33 flew under the radar and fight fans may have missed the botched throw reverse that resulted in an armbar finish.

Sharon Jacobson and Kay Hansen had almost completed their 15-minute fight when the incredible happened. Jacobson went for a suplex and didn’t quite pull it off. In fact, she tried to dump Hansen over her head and Hansen SOMEHOW grabbed an arm while flying through the air. She wound up getting the armbar on Jacobson at 4:43 seconds of the third round in one of the more improbable submission setups that you’ll ever see.

Crazy impressive stuff from Hansen.

Frodo Khasbulaev puts Rob Emerson to sleep at Brave CF 18


If you recognize the name Frodo Khasbulaev it’s not because he’s from the Shire looking to take the one ring to the fires of Mt Doom. This is the other Frodo. He’s the violent assassin that smashed his way through 5 Bellator featherweight tournament fights and wound up not fighting for the title due to visa issues.

Frodo has since made his way through ACB and WCFA. He landed in Brave and fought former UFC fighter, Rob Emerson, this morning. Emerson is no slouch, either. Since leaving the UFC in 2010, Emerson has gone 10-3 in his career.

However, today Emerson ran into Mr Frodo and went to sleep, courtesy of a crushing head and arm choke.

Check it out.

Manuca choke? Buggy choke? We can’t tell which limbs belong to who!


You know that you have an amazing submission on your hands when you can’t tell which body part belongs to which combatant and someone taps. Such was the case at RXF 31. Gabriel Manuca pulled off a submission in his fight and no one in the building knew what to call it. A pace choke or buggy choke was the best that I could come up with in researching the sub.

It was so unique and rarely seen in MMA that when announced, it was named after Gabriel Manuca as the ‘Manuca Choke’. I’m not going to lie, I had to watch this over 5 times to figure out what exactly I was watching.

You’ll have a wide variety of emotions when watching this 28-second fight


I know that I certainly had a wide variety of emotions when watching this video and I’m sure you will as well. This fight happened at EFC (Extreme Fighting Championship) yesterday between heavyweights, Matunga Djikasa and Willem Smith. The two fighters started off the main card in what would turn out to be a short and dramatic contest.

Smith does a quick glove touch and throws punches coming off it. Immediately I found myself rooting against the guy because of his questionable sportsmanship. He tries for a single leg but his opponent holds him off and simultaneously works for the choke. Djikasa secures the choke and puts Smith to sleep, much to my judgemental delight.

Djikasa finished Smith off in 28-seconds then showed his own brand of bad sportsmanship. He gave his sleeping opponent the ol’ crotch-chop and ruined what was a nice finish.

This must be what kids feel like when their parents get divorced.

At 51 years young, Renzo Gracie just fought and won against Yuki Kondo


Did you know Renzo Gracie was fighting at ONE FC today? I didn’t know that and I follow Renzo on Twitter. However, the 51-year-old-Gracie did, in fact, take part in an MMA fight today. He took on another UFC and Pride veteran, 43-year-old, Yuki Kondo.

Renzo hasn’t fought since 2010 and it was in a fight against Matt Hughes where Gracie was mauled most of the fight. He lost via TKO and seemingly called it a career. That is, until today. Gracie dusted off his old fight shorts and stepped into the ONE FC cage with Yuki Kondo who has remained active in MMA since 1996. Most of Kondo’s fights have been in Pancrase events held in Japan, so he hasn’t been in the public eye as much. Despite being out of the spotlight, Renzo remains one of the more popular combat sports athletes.

Renzo fought like the younger of the two and ultimately choked Kondo out in the second round.

As they say, “He’s still got it!”

Valor Fights 51 had a submission to appease old guys everywhere


I just saw a video where a guy called the cops on a dude because he fouled him while playing basketball. It just added to the sissyfication of our society in 2018 and I’m not even surprised anymore. What I am surprised about, is a 47-year-old man putting a beating on a 22-year-old in MMA. That in itself will appease an old guy like me during this time of global bitchass-ery.

Ned Spears is looking forward to receiving his AARP card in a few years but before that, he has some fighting oats to sow. He took on 22-year-old, Logan Wolff, in amateur MMA at Valor fights 51 and handed the youngster his first career loss.

As he walked past media row, it’s rumored that Spears said, “Let’s see if those whippersnappers ride their bikes across my lawn again”. Although, this hasn’t been confirmed.

I love the fact that this article is about an ‘old’ guy and his name happens to be ‘Ned’.

When you get subbed, but both hands are trapped… Tap with your feet.


If you’re miserable and you know it stomp your feet. ** Thud Thud ** If you’re miserable and you know it and you’re not afraid to show it; If you’re miserable and you know it, stomp your feet. ** Thud Thud ** That was the famous kid’s rhyme. Right? Crazy things were afoot (See what … Read moreWhen you get subbed, but both hands are trapped… Tap with your feet.

The best way to pop someone’s head off of their shoulders is…


Let me just begin by saying that Ali Bagov is a stud. In his first fight with the ACB promotion at ACB 2, he showed us how to effectively pop a man’s head from his shoulders. Since that time in 2014, ACB has grown exponentially and so has the game of Bagov.

Last year in ACB, Bagov choked wrestling stud, Bubba Jenkins, in a choke that has no name. It was a triangle-ish choke where the heel of Bagov choked the neck of Jenkins. That sub earned him the 2017 submission of the year by many media outlets.

However, his ACB career began with this Anaconda Choke of Ahmed Mirzaev and it’s ridiculous. He lifts Mirzaev off of his feet and almost gets him in the suplex position. Nasty stuff.

What the? I’m amazed at this sub and don’t know what it’s called.


Color me amazed. We may have posted this submission before on, but if so, I don’t remember. When I first laid eyes on this today, I was blown away. I literally have no idea what to call this thing. I’m sure Eddie Bravo knows and he’s already named it the ‘pistol-whip baby deer slap’ or something.

A reverse rear naked choke, maybe? Not only do I not know the name of this submission, but how in the world did this guy wind up in that position? While most submissions are designed to put you to sleep or break something, this one looks like it could kill someone.

Check it out and if you figure out what it is, you can name it.

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Bellator 198. Mission: Submission. Four incredible subs on the main card.


Bellator 198 was a great night of fights for Bellator and a fantastic night for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Four fights on the main card ended in submission, which is a rarity these days. However, it was to be expected with the BJJ pedigree that many of the fighters carried into the cage with them. The mission was submission and it was more than completed.

Dillon Danis is a BJJ phenom with multiple world titles, Rafael Lovato Jr is one of the most decorated BJJ players in MMA, Emmanuel Sanchez has 7 sub wins on his MMA record, and Neiman Gracie… Well, he’s a Gracie.

Watch as all four fighters attain victory by using expert BJJ technique and mat savvy.

Tap or snap. Homeboy decided to let it snap I guess.


Like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights getting his arm wrench by Jean Girard, this guy had no quit in him. Ricky Bobby wouldn’t admit that he liked Crepes and told Girard, “Break it, Pepe Le Pew!” Girard obliged and decided to snap Ricky Bobby’s arm.

Almost exactly the same thing happened at ‘Jungle Fight’ yesterday. Marcelo Pontes moved to 3-6 in his MMA career after snatching up the arm of 0-0 Arthur Martins. He cranked and cranked until the arm went limp. It didn’t look like he tapped, but it was entirely possible. All I know is the whole time I was watching, I winced and begged for him to tap.

Video from Jolassanda Twitter.

If you missed it, Iron Michael Chandler Arm-Triangle chokes Brandon Girtz


If you missed Bellator 197 on Friday night, you missed Iron Michael Chandler putting Brandon Girtz to sleep. Girtz didn’t tap to the arm-triangle choke that Chandler put on him and woke up after the main event of Bellator 197 had ended. There is no doubting Girtz’ toughness and there is certainly no doubt that Chandler is one of the best lightweights in the world.

Chandler slapped on the choke and Girtz attempted to buck him off. When doing so, Girtz created space on his left side, which allowed Chandler to hop over and really sink the choke in. Incredible finish by Chandler to cap off Bellator 197.

Hopefully, with this win, Chandler can get the Brent Primus rematch. Again.

Wait! Wait! Wait!!! What in tarnation happened here?


Like Yosemite Sam used to say, “What in tarnation isa goin’ on here?!?!” This submission was not only brilliant but also totally unlikely.

In the Australian MMA promotion, Hex, Young Woo Yoo took on Simon Carson and pulled off the most improbable win of his career. Carson had Yoo’s back and Yoo was covering up his face to avoid punches. Yoo was seemingly dead to rights when all of a sudden, Carson tapped out. Yoo had Carson in an ankle lock and only used leverage and his own legs to get it.

Check the video out and see if you can even tell how he pulled it off. Incredible.

Video from Jolassanda Twitter

Guy knocked down by a punch. Armbars his opponent 13 seconds later


Holy. Freakin’. Moly. It’s a rarity to see someone recover so quickly from a knockdown punch and even more rare to see them slapping on armbars just seconds after. Such was the case today at BAMMA when Fabian Edwards took on Kent Kauppinen.

Kauppinen knocked Edwards down with a right hand with just twenty-five seconds left in the first round. Normally, this is the part where we say, “And then Kauppinen finished him off soon after. Not in this case, however.

Edwards hit the mat and immediately shot in for a double-leg takedown. He transitioned to Kauppinen’s back; Then to armbar. Boom. Done. 13 seconds after getting knocked on his keister, Edwards wins by armbar.

Video from BAMMA Twitter

Paddy Pimblett executes amazing Flying Triangle at Cage Warriors 90

Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett is a certified badass. He landed a perfect flying triangle at Cage Warriors 90

Paddy Pimblett is a very talented fighter. He’s won ten of his last eleven fights. He began his career as a Bantamweight and then progressed to Featherweight for the majority of his career. This weekend at Cage Warriors 90 he made his debut at Lightweight and wasn’t slowed down a bit.

He faced off with Alexis Savvidis and executed a picture-perfect flying triangle for the victory in the second round.

Thanks for the video goes to Cage Warriors who posted the video via Twitter.