Umm. Hey ref! WTF are you doing?!? Are there any good refs remaining?


Just when you think you’ve seen it all from MMA referees, they shock you once again. It really does make you ask yourself if there are any good ones remaining in the sport. Off of the top of my head, I can think of about 5. After that, it’s just a bevy of incompetence and a wildly ridiculous lack of knowledge.

So, here’s the latest and greatest referee gaffe. While the competitor is getting armbarred she decides to forgo technique and use raw power to combat it. Channeling her inner Rampage Jackson on Ricardo Arona, she lifts her opponent with the intent to slam.

This is where the ref comes in and for no reason that is obvious to me, holds her like a bouquet of flowers.

King Mo is a savage. Wants ‘Bitchass Ho’, Matt Mitrione


There goes King Mo again. The dude has absolutely no filter whatsoever. So when it comes to Matt Mitrione, Mo wants a piece of his bitchass. Apparently, Mitrione was offended that Mo said that Matt’s fight with Roy Nelson should have gone another round. Nelson is a teammate of Mo’s, so Mo was certainly entitled to his opinion.

In response, Mitrione has been talking a bunch of shit about Mo and Mo put it down at the Bellator press conference.

“I want Matt Mitrione’s bitchass. That’s who I want. He’s already booked, but hopefully, Y’all will make it happen because I don’t like his bitch ass! Let that be known. Y’all can tweet that he’s a ho.”

*Opens Twitter*

UFC on FOX: Lee vs. Iaquinta 2 weigh-in results and faceoff from Wisc


The early weigh-ins for UFC on FOX: Lee vs. Iaquinta 2 from Milwaukee, Wisc, have been completed. They were met without incident except for one. Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Andrea Lee has been cancelled, due to Clark being unfit to compete.

FOX Main Card

Kevin Lee (156) vs. Al Iaquinta (156)
Edson Barboza (156) vs. Dan Hooker (156)
Rob Font (136) vs. Sergio Pettis (135)
Jim Miller (155) vs. Charles Oliveira (152)

FS1 Prelims

Dwight Grant (169) vs. Zak Ottow (171)
Jessica-Rose Clark** vs. Andrea Lee
Bobby Green (155) vs. Drakkar Klose (156)
Jared Gordon (156) vs. Joaquim Silva (155)
Jack Hermansson (185) vs. Gerald Meerschaert (186)
Jordan Griffin (146) vs. Dan Ige (146)

UFC Fight Pass Prelims

Adam Milstead (204) vs. Mike Rodriguez (203.5)
Zak Cummings (185) vs. Trevor Smith (186)
Juan Adams (266) vs. Chris De La Rocha (253)

**Clark ruled unfit to compete by UFC doctors. Fight cancelled.

“I ain’t afraid to wrestle with no man” – Kevin Lee on Khabib


UFC lightweights are out there and are legitimately afraid of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Why shouldn’t they be? The dude is terrifying. However, it’s mainly the wrestling of Khabib that strikes fear in the hearts of the division. UFC lightweight, Kevin Lee, says that Khabib has nothing that he hasn’t seen before and he sees holes in Khabib’s game.

However, everyone says that about Khabib until they are in the cage with him getting mauled like a bear on a bunny. Lee needs to not be thinking too far ahead, as he’s facing Al Iaquinta this weekend. Al already beat Lee in 2014 so Lee has an uphill battle from the get-go. The last thing he should be talking about is what’s next.

UFC vs Golden Boy MMA? Bring it on! – Oscar De La Hoya


How would Golden Boy MMA do against the UFC? Golden Boy CEO, Oscar De La Hoya, says, “Bring it on!”. While the clear winner in talent and top tier fighters certainly belongs to the UFC, De La Hoya insists that Golden Boy is paying fighters what they deserve. That pay, he feels, will drive more fighters to his promotion.

The almighty dollar is no joke when it comes to fighter career decisions. As time goes on in a fight career, fighters lose the ‘I’ll fight for free’ mentality and start thinking about getting paid what they are worth. Oscar De La Hoya looks to be tapping into that market and welcoming fighters with open arms and treating them the way he feels they should be treated.

It may sound crazy but this is the stuff that Conor McGregor has been talking about for years.

Master Ken at Santa Fe Comic Con. Smashing groins and calling BS!


Master Ken has provided us with years of entertainment through his tutorials. He made his way to the Santa Fe Comic Con with his pal, Todd, and did what he does. He showed that everyone’s martial art discipline is bullshit and that he is the best at what he does; Insult people and re-stomp the groin.

Master Ken (and Todd) ran into former WWE wrestler-turned-actor, Nathan Jones, as well as a slew of other people. Master Ken showed everyone that they are beneath him and he put his martial arts prowess on display.

After embarrassing Jones, Master Ken (and Todd) met with former Power Ranger, David Yost. Yost showed some of his moves and realistically, none of them really impressed Master Ken. Ken did take it easy on Yost, but alas, Todd wound up on the floor after receiving a nut-shot from the Blue Ranger’s helmet.

I can’t wait for next week’s show when the GOAT, Erik Estrada, will be on.

Eve Gracie accidentally chokes Rener unconscious with the ‘Sheet Choke’


This is just too damn funny. While nothing is funny about domestic violence, the outtake from the Gracie Breakdown about how to survive an attack in the bedroom, most certainly was. Rener Gracie and his wife Eve did an instructional showing how to do a ‘Bed Sheet Choke’. While doing so, Eve missed the tap and put Rener straight to sleep.

She choked him out and that alone showed that the technique absolutely works. Rener himself said it perfectly:

“The technique worked perfectly and at least I got to wake up in my own bed.”

Totally by accident, it was another successful Gracie Breakdown.

Oh my God, Ronda is stupid famous. Way bigger WWE star than UFC star


We talk about it all of the time on Ronda Rousey does the biggest numbers of anyone on the WWE roster. Ronda gives an inside look to her life on the road and to say she’s famous would be an understatement. She is a friggin superstar of epic proportions.

When fighting in the UFC, Ronda was already a mega-star. After her run there, she began doing movies and television spots. She seamlessly transitioned into a WWE superstar and she couldn’t be more popular.

Ronda now has entire arenas chanting ‘Ronda Rousey’ and people of all ages wearing her merchandise. It’s mind-blowing how awesome she’s doing but it’s totally deserved. I especially love that she rolls down the window of her car to high-five and interact with her fans.

Rousey absolutely loves her job and her life. Who wouldn’t?

Against his better judgement, MMA photog lets Kevin Ross leg kick him


Let me preface this by saying that the photographer in this video is my friend so I will be taking liberties with his intelligence at his expense. MMA and overall incredible photographer, Courtney Henderson, used piss poor judgement while standing in the ring with Kevin Ross.

Seemingly by choice, Courtney thought it would be a good idea to get kicked by the Muay Thai superstar. If you don’t know who Kevin Ross is, let’s put it this way; He’s the last guy on Earth that you want leg kicking you.

Despite having shin pads on, Ross unloads a lightning fast and extremely hard kick on Courtney and drops him like a stone. I’d feel bad for Courtney except that it was his choice and Ross just obliged.

Something tells me that the shin pads didn’t soften the blow. Like, not even a little.

UFC 231 The Thrill and the Agony Preview. The Main and Co-Main Events


The UFC has put up another ‘The Thrill and The Agony’ video to Fight Pass and gave us a sneak peek into the meat and potatoes of it. It follows the UFC 231 main event of Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega and Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Valentina Shevchenko in the co-main event.

The video, of course, stays true to its name. The range of emotions were especially high because two titles were on the line. After weeks of preparation, there were winners and there were losers, but all the fighters emptied the tank after giving everything they had.

You never want to see the losing side, especially when it is in regards to someone that is as good of a dude as Ortega. Seeing his family in tears is actually gut-wrenching. On the flip side of the coin, seeing Max Holloway’s family experiencing euphoria is just too damn cool.

‘The Thrill and The Agony’ is the perfect title.

GQ’s: 10 Essentials UFC Champion Tyron Woodley Can’t Live Without


Tyron Woodley is such a superstar right now that it’s incredible. He’s not one of those guys who sits back and wonders why things don’t come to him. Woodley is out there hustling every day and using this time to make the most money he can. GQ noticed the man’s swag and wanted to know what his daily essentials were. Well, here they are.

Some of them are brands that he is sponsored by and others are brands he wants to come see him. The hardest working man in MMA has a long list of things that he carries with him on a regular basis. These definitely aren’t things for us common folk, but when you are the champion of the world you need to have this stuff at your disposal.

Especially the Dude Wipes.

1. Alpha Brain by ONNIT is a supplement to keep him focused
2. Beats by Dre
3. Hydrogen Water
4. Dude Wipes
5. CBD Oil
6. Wav Classic Do-Rag
7. UFC MMA Gloves
8. DenTek Floss Picks
9. Monster Energy Ultra Violet
10. His Gucci Belt

We call shots. Canelo beat GGG, they’ll fight when we say – De La Hoya


Oscar De La Hoya has his best boxing promoter hat on right now. He represents Canelo Alvarez and after Canelo beat GGG, Oscar thinks that the ball is firmly in their court. Since Canelo won, Oscar feels that they call the shots now. He does have a point, too. They fought to a draw once and the second fight, Alvarez walked away with the win. Alvarez doesn’t need the fight, GGG does.

“Is (Canelo) going to fight GGG again? Yeah, whenever we say he’s going to fight him again. We call the shots now. Canelo beat him. If he’s going to fight him, it’s going to be when we say.”

I’m not sure that this fight needs to be run back AGAIN, but they’ll make a lot of money again if they did. That much is certain.

Relive the KO of the decade. Barboza on Etim KO is a heads-up for noobs


The UFC has it listed as the ‘KO of the week’ on their YouTube channel, but I’m here to let you know that it’s so much more than that. For the fans who have been around forever and not just when Conor McGregor showed up, the knockout that Edson Barboza landed on Terry Etim could be classified as the ‘KO of the decade’.

This knockout was what really put Edson Barboza on the map. While he won his first UFC fight via TKO by way of leg kicks, we hadn’t really seen what Barboza was capable of. That fight was buried in the unaired portion of the fight card (yes, we used to have to check MMA sites for results because they weren’t aired) and his next two fights were decision wins.

Then came the Etim fight… Fans were blown away because no one had ever seen a kick straight out of the movies, come to real life. Barboza threw the now famous spinning back kick and Etim was out on his feet. He fell like a tree alone in the woods and the spinning-back-kick-walk-off-knockout was born.

Edson Barboza fights in the co-main event against Dan Hooker this weekend at UFC Fight Night, Milwaukee.

Rener Gracie provides updated Brian Ortega condition and his future


Brian Ortega gave fans his condition status yesterday but was very vague in his delivery. His nose and thumb were broken but he let everyone know that he was thankful for the support. Rener Gracie talked to TMZ and gave us an updated version of how Ortega is doing, as well as his mindset after the fight.

Long story short, Rener knows that Ortega is a beast and his best days are ahead of him. He goes on to talk about Ortega’s first BJJ loss and how after, it motivated him to be a straight-up killer.

Rener knows that losing this first MMA fight will do nothing but light a fire under Ortega that no one has ever seen before.

Gracie’s mantra is ‘You win or you learn’.

I have a feeling that Mr. Ortega is about to do some serious learning and will be a savage upon his return. He does not strike me as a guy who handles losing particularly well.

Ronda Rousey arrived on Monday night RAW to fight, not talk.


Last night on Monday Night RAW, Ronda Rousey arrived in a foul mood. Full disclosure, she’s always in a foul mood when she’s on WWE tv. That’s her role on television though. Her character is the baddest woman on the planet and the baddest woman on the planet isn’t there to shake babies and kiss hands.

Her current foe, Nia Jax, got on the mic to berate Ronda in an attempt to sell PPV’s. Essentially, everything in the WWE is done to sell an upcoming PPV to generate heat between wrestlers and interest from the fans.

Nia was calling out Ronda and Ronda obliged. She came down with her mean ‘Ronda Face’ and Nia headed for the hills. It was just another day on WWE Monday Night RAW. Oddly, that is why some of us watch.