EP #39: Fight Life (Untold Fight Stories & The Shows Unique Dynamic)


The word for the day, kids, is ‘Dynamic’. Why? Because Mike Swick said it a fistful of times when describing his relationship with his co-host, Marc Bogutzki. This episode is much more personal than usual because they basically only talk about their relationship.

There is some MMA talk, as Swick definitely wanted to clarify his comments and opinions on Conor McGregor

“The guys answer the most asked questions about the show and explain their unique dynamic as a Podcast. They go over many never before told stories from Mike’s entire fight career.”

My favorite part of Mike and Marc is always how they bash each other, yet barely bat an eyelash. Like it didn’t even happen. Have fun with this episode, guys. Mike and Marc certainly did.

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RQMS EP 38: AKA supercoach Javier Mendez talks everything AKA


Javier Mendez is now the supercoach to the #1 and #2 pound for pound fighters in the world. AKA has always housed the top guys in the world and that is a direct result of the coaching at AKA. So, Mendez hopped on the Real Quick Podcast and talked about (almost) everything AKA. I say ‘almost’ because apparently Mendez has been muzzled about everything regarding Khabib Nurmagomedov.

From our YouTube:

“AKA Founder and head coach, Javier Mendez, joins the guys to talk about what all the team is up to, discusses their upcoming fights, and everything else AKA. Javier has a wealth of knowledge, as he has built UFC Champions out of Khabib Nurmagomedov, Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez, and Luke Rockhold. Having Javier on the show is always entertaining, as Javier was Mike’s longtime coach and friend, as well as now business partner.”

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RQMS EP 37: UFC 229 Aftermath & Bellator Grand Prix Picks


Episode 39 of the Real Quick Podcast is here and the guys have a variety of subjects to cover right now. So, of course, the guys explore it all! Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki cover things like the UFC 229 fracas to the upcoming Bellator Grand Prix.

From the Real Quick YouTube channel.

“The guys discuss the recent altercation that happened post-fight at UFC 229, breakdown the Bellator Grand Prix matches this weekend, discuss Daniel Cormier fighting Derrick Lewis, translate the meeting between President Putin and Khabib, then go on a rollercoaster of topic twists that span from Thailand to Saddam’s Palace in Iraq. They are not analysts, but they are also not the biased, one-sided journalist that fill the internet. No punches pulled yet again.”

The breakdowns are on point as always and it’s another hit episode!

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UFC 229 recap. Conor, Khabib, and the ugly scene after their fight


It was an ugly scene last night at UFC 229 after the main event between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. After putting on an incredible display of skill and ass kickery, Khabib and his crew had a lot more gas in their tanks. A melee ensued and everyone in the sport had an opinion and pointed fingers.

Our own Mike Swick had one of the better opinions on the situation. He and co-host Marc Bogutzki let them be known on the Real Quick Podcast. Check out the UFC 229 recap and see what the boys had to say about how everything went down.

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RQMS EP 36: Khabib Week! This is a crazy and very intense episode!


Episode 36 has dropped and it’s literally the most intense episode to date. Usually, our hosts Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki are all about jokes on top of jokes. However, the first half of episode 36 isn’t about the funny. In fact, it’s downright heated and Swick’s ire is directed at Jon Jones and his recent actions towards the sport and his brother, Daniel Cormier.

Normally, you need to poke Swick to make sure he’s awake; He’s that mellow. When discussing Jon Jones’ recent diss on GSP and Daniel Cormier, as well as Jones’ actions pertaining to cheating in the sport and his social media presence… Not to give a lot away, but Swick is not a fan of the way Jones does things.

Mike and Marc then tackle the UFC 229 card and give their predictions. Of course, when it comes to Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov the guys drop a ton of knowledge. Being that ‘THEY ARE AKA’ you already know who they are picking to win the fight. It’s ‘How’ Khabib wins the fight that is so intriguing.

Again, this is another great podcast with laughs, tears, anger, and happiness.

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You thought they were gone? Nope! The RQMS Podcast is back w / EP 35.


Mike and Marc, we thought you were gone. Nope! Busy with life and reshuffling the pieces, Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki are back in your lives with Episode #35 of The Real Quick Podcast. Trust me, they haven’t lost any of their humor or ability to tell stories and split your sides with laughter.

“The guys are finally back and explain the hiatus. Mike discusses his trip to Las Vegas to film the Ultimate Fighter Season One Reunion show and his trip to Russia, then the guys share views on the Khabib vs Conor press conference and fight breakdown and the Eminem diss track against MGK.

The guys then talk about Dan Bilzerian visiting Phuket and the gym, and how they all ended up in the Red Light district one crazy and wild night. Marc also sheds light on “Mike the Chicken”, who lived 18 months without a head. True story. What else would you expect from these guys?

The show is getting revamped and will now be better than ever! Stay tuned!”

The guys are not only back, but they are back and will be putting out a LOT more content. Time to get excited, kids.

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AKA Thailand: @AKAThailand
Marc Bogutzki: (IG) @MarcBogutzki

RQMS Ep 34: Lin Oeding In Studio (Pro MMA To Hollywood Director)


Episode 34 of the Real Quick Podcast is here! Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki welcome their latest guest to the show and it is Hollywood director, Lin Oeding. Oeding and Swick go way back and they discuss the old times regarding fighting and the present day where both are successful outside of the cage.

Aside from directing, Oeding is ‘the guy’ when it comes to movie stunts. He’s worked on films such as: The Equalizer, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Straight Outta Compton, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Added to his resume in the stunt world, Oeding used to be a full-time martial artist.

This episode motivates and inspires, so buckle up and enjoy the latest episode!

From the Real Quick YouTube channel:

“Hollywood director Lin Oeding joins the guys to talk about his long journey from fighting MMA to being a director in Hollywood. Since Lin started out training with Mike over 20 years ago in Texas, this episode is packed with interesting personal stories. A lot of Hollywood insight and behind the scenes talk as well. Buckle up and get ready to be motivated to tackle your dreams!”

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RQMS Ep 33. UFC 226 recap and a call to dual champ, King Cormier


Episode 33 of the Real Quick Podcast isn’t just a recap podcast. While Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki do recap UFC 226 and other headlines, this one is more special because Swick calls his teammate, friend, and dual champ, Daniel Cormier.

DC secured the biggest victory of his career over arguably the greatest UFC heavyweight champion of all time at UFC 226. A first-round knockout on Stipe Miocic propelled Cormier to GOAT-like status and everyone is just letting that achievement settle in; Including Cormier.

The guys call DC and don’t take up much of his time, but DC is gracious to his teammate. Whatever Swick wanted, DC would provide. The AKA saying is ‘We are AKA’. These guys are brothers, through and through.

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RQMS Ep 32: Cameron Fous in studio – Renown Trader – IKNK Founder


IKNK Founder, Cameron Fous, joins Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki on episode 32 of the Real Quick Podcast. The guys change it up a bit from having martial arts guests on the show and have a guest from the other side of the spectrum.

**Spoiler alert** It’s REALLY interesting.

From the Real Quick YouTube channel-

“Renown stock trader and founder of the IKNK brand, Cameron Fous, joins the guys in the studio and tells all. A raw and motivational look at an entrepreneur who is searching for more than just money. Yes, it’s also funny as usual!”

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RQMS EP 31: Anastasia Yankova in studio. Talks future and MMA news


Mike Swick is back from Los Angeles and he promised more regular Real Quick Podcasts. He wasn’t lying and is back with Marc Bogutzki doing episode #31. A welcome addition to the RQMS Podcast is none other than Anastasia Yankova. Anastasia discussed her career in fighting and personal goings-on. The trio also cover what is going on in the world of mixed martial arts.

From the Real Quick YouTube channel.

“Anastasia Yankova joins the guys in the studio to talk about her last fight. She also talks about her modeling/acting career and what’s next for her in MMA. The team discusses the latest MMA news and hot topics.”

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Real Quick with Mike Swick’s athletic supporter in your ribs


When a guy gets kicked in the balls during a UFC fight, odds are you’ve heard Joe Rogan go on and on about steel athletic supporters. He usually goes on to tell us that the plastic ones that most fighters wear aren’t very good for support and the steel ones are way better to avoid getting your nuts cracked.

Enter former UFC fighter and Mike Swick teammate, Kyle Kingsbury. Kingsbury went on Rogan’s podcast and revealed that during training he was getting Swickatined and Mike’s steel cup broke his ribs.

Rogan always explains how fighters don’t like wearing those Diamond cups because( wait for it) it feels like a thong is going up their ass. Swick swears that he’s never worn a steel cup and that the Swickatine is just that damn good.

The reason he doesn’t wear one?

“I don’t like putting that string up my ass.”

None of us do, Mike. None of us do.

Mike Swick Details Dan Bilzerian’s New $100 Million Dollar LA Bachelor Pad


While Dan Bilzerian is the world’s most excellent bachelor, Mike Swick continues to alienate himself from his best friend, Marc Bogutzki. It’s not a real loathing, rather, a brotherly ‘envy’. Marc has himself a case, too. If your bestie rubs elbows with celebrities and you find yourself only ‘hearing’ about the good times that were had; Usually, it’s a case of, “Hey, thanks for the invite, dick!”

Well, Swick went to LA and hung out with Dan Bilzerian at his $100 million bachelor pad and everyone on Earth is green with envy. For that much money, it’s almost unfathomable how incredible the place must be. However, Swick tries his darndest in this clip to convey the awesomeness that was Bilzerian’s home.

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RQMS Podcast Ep 30: Expendables edition. The boys are back together.


The boys are back on the Real Quick Podcast with the Expendables edition. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki doing their thing because Swick has been in the states rubbing elbows with Earth’s biggest superstars.

Swick goes into detail of his time away hanging with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, 50 Cent, Dan Bilzerian, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Chris pratt. Marc was not bitter at all while holding down the fort at AKA Thailand. Spoiler, yes he was.

From our YouTube:

“Mike explains his recent disappearance, and details the incredible experiences he had. From poker at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s star studded private house party in Los Angeles, to hanging out with Dan Bilzerian at his new $90 Million dollar Hollywood bachelor pad. Marc catches Mike up on AKA Thailand, and driving his scooter in the rain. Its a love hate type of episode, but couldn’t be more interesting”

It’s another great episode with the guys trading stories and discussing fight life.

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RQMS Podcast Ep 29: The Hollywood Cowboy with stuntman Arnold Chon


Mike Swick left Thailand and came back to the states for some business. This trip was a heavily themed cowboy trip for Swick as pictures surfaced of Mike donning a cowboy hat all over Los Angeles. Swick takes his Texas roots to Hollywood and brings us episode 29 of the Real Quick Podcast. His guest is stuntman Arnold Chon and odds are, you’ve seen him on the silver screen. A LOT.

Chon is an actor and stuntman of close to 200 movies. He is also the trainer of multiple top MMA fighters, including UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley.

From our YouTube:

“Arnold Chon joins the Podcast, on set in Hollywood, at the IStunt.com studios. He talks about how he brought Tyron Woodley into MMA and then later into a film career while giving great insight on how other fighters can break into the industry. A very informative podcast on stunt work and how to excel fast at it.”

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RQMS Podcast Ep 27. John Wayne Parr. Possibly our best episode yet?

Mile 22

What. An. Episode! Episode 27 of the Real Quick Podcast is out and kickboxing legend, John Wayne Parr, is the guest. JWP is one of the most iconic fighters on the planet, having over 130 fights in a career that has spanned over twenty years. So, when you want to talk about a guy who has seen it all and has a plethora of stories; JWP is THAT guy.

In fact, he has so many incredible stories, episode 27 is an hour-and-a-half long of smooth flowing epicness. We promise you that if you are a kickboxing or JWP fan, you will absolutely love this one.

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