Chael Sonnen claims Tito verbally tapped in their fight

Chael Sonnen claims Tito verbally tapped in their fight

Chael Sonnen now making the claim Tito verbally submitted during their fight.

You’d think a gangster would have thicker skin.  Chael Sonnen spent some time on his “Your Welcome” podcast talking about his Bellator fight with Tito Ortiz.  For those who don’t remember, Chael was submitted in the first round by Ortiz, when he was caught in a Rear Naked Choke.

Apparently, the loss is still bothering the “West Lynn Gangster”, because he has recently stated that Ortiz verbally submitted during their fight, while Sonnen had a D’Arce choke applied. Here it is in his own words.

Chael stated, “The score is 1-1 now between Tito and I. And you always go into a rubber match and everybody knows that. The only reason I kept my mouth shut in that fight – Tito tapped in that fight I knew he tapped when he tapped. I heard Tito verbally tap and I’ve never said a word about it privately to Tito or at the press conference or to you guys. I never said anything and the reason is – first off when you lose you just take your loss.”

Tap or no tap?

So this is Chael taking his loss.  He went on to add, “It’s not a tap if the referee doesn’t call it a tap. So, therefore, Tito didn’t tap. I thought he tapped and I let the move go.” Then adding “He verbally tapped and I never said anything about it.”

So did Tito tap, or did Tito not tap? I’m a little confused by this whole diatribe.  Here’s the part where the story loses some credibility for me, though.  The reason Chael never commented on the tap, during the fight, after the fight, at the press conference etc.  He figured with Tito retiring, what was the point?  Wins and losses mean so little to Chael that there’s no point in arguing when he feels he rightfully won?  Let’s see how he addressed that.

Chael, “He quit the sport 5 seconds later after I tapped and he quit the sport a minute and 5 seconds after he tapped and there was no rematch there was nothing to build and there was no reason to tell the real story.”

The interesting aspect is after the fight ended, Chael can be heard asking Tito if the choke was tight and if Tito was close to tapping.  Tito said no.  If Chael believed Tito had submitted, why ask if it was tight or if he thought about tapping?

Tito Ortiz was unavailable to comment on this, but if and when he does, we’ll bring it to you.