Chris Camozzi discusses his use of CBD oil

Chris Camozzi discusses his use of CBD oil

Earlier today, veteran mixed martial arts fighter Chris Camozzi hosted an AMA on Reddit. Before opening it up to Q & A, Camozzi detailed his use of CBD oil and how it helps him heal from injuries.

It is a very interesting read for a number of reasons. As he details how CBD oil had a profound positive effect on his injuries, he also tells readers how he went on to pass all of his USADA tests in the process.

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is extracted from the hemp plant. As such, it often draws parallels with marijuana or cannabis. With those two being so closely related you can see how the passing of all USADA tests while using CBD oil would be of note.

Chris Camozzi in his own words:

“I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice this is just my personal journey and how CBD has helped me.

My name is Chris Camozzi, a lot of r/mma already knows me. I’ve been reading all the recent discussion about USADA and all the r/trees talk about CBD so I thought I should chime in.

Being in Colorado, recreational weed has been legal here for a while. Last year I came across a product called Revivid Sport that was a CBD oil made from hemp, not marijuana.

Most UFC fans know USADA follows us closer than our wives and I’m constantly subject to drug testing. I’ve always been extremely cautious about anything I put in my body because people can fail and get suspended for not even using steroids intentionally. I had my management team do some research on the difference between this hemp based Revivid Sport stuff and the same CBD all the dispensaries around Denver sell. Hemp based products have 0% THC which really is the illegal part.

A big part of the USADA program is disclosing stuff. Since this was 0% THC we disclosed it to USADA as I entered camp and knew we would be fine. Personally, I wanted to try using CBD anyway after what I had heard. I’m like Obama and did inhale, but I can assure you CBD oil is nothing like the weed you had in college.

With CBD you get all the health benefits without the high. It works off your brain’s own endocannabinoid system. I’ve got an injury list that makes Suge Knight’s rap sheet look short and I suffered another one of those injuries in my last camp ahead of my fight against Dan Kelly. This wasn’t my first knee injury and I can probably recite the same orthopedic instructions they give me every time. I knew how long recovery was supposed to take, it was after my fight date. I didn’t have that much time. Our bout was looming and I was in camp.

I wanted to focus on recovering from my torn MCL so I tried the CBD oil.

I was also tested by USADA during this camp. I passed my USADA test.

I healed my knee faster than my docs had ever seen. I’ll never forget the Dr. saying “I’ve never seen anyone recover from an injury this quickly.” After everything I had heard about CBD, it wasn’t a shock and I was a believer. CBD and blood flow restriction therapy healed me in ways I have never before experienced.

But it wasn’t just my knee, my whole body started healing faster. I was recovering faster after workouts, less sore, less down time, able to rebound in ways I never had. Even the bursitis in my shoulder feels better. Everything feels better. I know even telling the story it sounds crazy but that is how incredible and noticeable this was for me.

Anyone who is signed to the UFC or competing at the highest level of the sport knows about injuries. You learn to limp. Fighting at 100% is a myth people talk about, but my last camp I really felt just as healthy if not better than I had ever been leading into a fight despite even the knee injury.

I’m not here to sell snake oil, or CBD oil, even though I DO. I want people to know about the benefits and why it should not be illegal or banned.

This product has changed my life, and it’s changed the lives of others around me too and for that, I am even more thankful. To see one of Denver’s best orthopedic surgeons shocked at the speed of recovery, all due to CBD, had me a believer. I have other friends in the UFC I’ve sent bottles to who are also seeing amazing results.”

Combat sports athletes put their bodies through the ringer, so it’s great to see that Camozzi has found something to help with the numerous injuries that can pile up.

Camozzi is 24-12, and a veteran of 18 fights in the UFC. For the full AMA on Reddit click here.

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