…and Chuck Liddell responds to Jon Jones’ mean tweets

…and Chuck Liddell responds to Jon Jones’ mean tweets

Jon Jones has been sending mean tweets to Chuck Liddell since Monday when Chuck told Ariel Helwani that he wanted to fight Jon Jones. Jones seemed to be personally offended by the thought even entering Chuck’s mind that he could step in the cage with him. As we posted before, Jones then went on a Twitter rant, focusing on Chuck’s age and ‘chin durability’.

The Iceman didn’t like it and answered back. He tweeted out,

“I figure it’s a good place for a youngin like u to learn from a true legend and champion on how to really fight and conduct your life inside and outside the ring 👊🏻 champions101 #respect #integrity”

In my personal opinion, this sounds like Chuck has someone writing his tweets for him. That is a very un-Chuckish thing to say. Calling himself a legend is really not Chuck’s style. If it was Tito Ortiz, I’d buy it.

But, Chuck?