Chuck Liddell Goes ‘All In’ on Ronda Rousey

Chuck Liddell Goes ‘All In’ on Ronda Rousey

Chuck Liddell is an MMA icon. A living legend. His career has allowed him to analyze, judge, or critique all things MMA. Liddell had some interesting things to say about Ronda Rousey, pertaining to her upcoming title fight with Amanda Nunes. When asked what he thought about Ronda’s comeback fight against Nunes, the Iceman was very candid in his response.

It’s going to be interesting to see where her head is at and will be interesting to see what she’s going to come back with. Personally, as a coach, I would have to have liked her to have a warmup fight. Just get mentally back in the game. Amanda Nunes is a very tough, tough opponent.

When asked about who he puts his money on in the Rousey vs Nunes fight.

I don’t know where she is mentally, I haven’t talk to her. I Haven’t seen her or been around her camp, so I don’t have inside news on that. Personally, all the stuff afterwards and the way she handled it (the loss to Holly Holm) and the way things went, I’d be nervous.

Chuck’s answer translated: He just doesn’t know. Unless the subject fighter is posting videos and on social media for all to see, we have no idea how a training camp is going. Chuck is giving his opinion based on past events, not offering insight as to what WILL happen. I know we think Chuck Liddell is omnipotent and all knowing, but he’s just a guy with a sweet mohawk.

It’s easy to be critical of Ronda after her loss to Holly Holm, because there were so many instances where the always confident Rousey looked broken and human. Her own mother Ann Maria DeMars will be the first to tell you that everything makes Ronda cry.

Like Liddell said… We just don’t know. Only Ronda knows where her head is at. If the shape she’s in right now is any indication of how ready she is, then Ronda will be more than fine on December 30.

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