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Chuck speaks about his fight and has a message much larger than MMA

Chuck Liddell hopped onto his YouTube channel and had a message for all of his fans. As it turns out, his fight with Tito was much larger than just an MMA fight for him. He did not address his performance, rather, he speaks about having obstacles that he wanted to overcome. Granted, a fighter’s mentality is a lot different than regular folk but his message was for them as well.

“For anyone out there struggling with self-doubt or a physical, mental, or emotional challenge, I encourage you to face your challenges. Chase your dreams and risk everything to achieve your goals. Even if no one else understands, know that everyone’s path is different. You can not achieve success without failure.”

Hopefully Chuck did what he needed to do and we are done seeing him fight in the cage. Maybe this route of motivational speaker is in his future because he seems pretty damn good at it.