Andre Galvao literally does circles around his opponent.

Andre Galvao literally does circles around his opponent.

It’s one thing to get embarrassed in BJJ. Getting embarrassed by Andre Galvao, who literally does circles around his opponent, is another. Let’s face it… Andre Galvao makes most black belts look silly. In this particular scenario, it turns out his opponent wasn’t a black belt.

Well, he was, but it was in a system that he devised. According to

“The opponent’s name is Martin Suarez. He’s a black belt in “Yudansha”, which is a martial art he invented. He has since started training legit grappling.

UPDATE: Commenter who knew Mr Suarez clarified: “This is Martin Suarez. At the time, he was a judo black belt and a black belt in the “Yudansha Fighting System”. It’s a hybrid MMA, BJJ, catch, judo type of thing. He was a training partner of mine for a long time. He’s a BJJ brown belt now.”

There’s nothing like getting spanked by one of the greatest BJJ practioners of all time, to make you go back to the drawing board and chase a legitimate belt. In BJJ, black belts HATE people that claim they are who they are not. Galvao did not look pleased one bit and he made an example of Suarez.