Closeup of Khabib and Conor’s faceoff. It. Was. Intense.

Closeup of Khabib and Conor’s faceoff. It. Was. Intense.

Conor McGregor was really on one during his press conference with Khabib Nurmagomedov. By the time the presser was over, McGregor had sweat entirely through his shirt, answered every question for each fighter, and managed to drink some whiskey; All while insulting everyone for everything. However, the closeup video of the two fighter’s staredown was anything but a show. At least, not for Khabib.

Conor is talking and promoting while Khabib is quietly planning for what is ahead. McGregor looks to be trying to play mind games with Khabib but Khabib isn’t having any of it. The cold stare of Khabib says a lot and he doesn’t feel the need to tell McGregor what he is going to do to him on October 6.

Of course, Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, is an entirely different story. Ali threw his two cents in at the staredown and Mcgregor didn’t like it one bit. Conor went straight for the jugular on Ali and immediately made it very personal.

I feel that MMA fans really needed to see Conor and Khabib come face to face for this very poorly promoted fight. Whether or not fans like what went down, at least now many have a reason to be interested.

Name recognition alone has hardcore fans wanting to see the fight; But, it’s the drama that grabs the casuals and there was plenty of it at the presser.